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Benefits of SEO For Businesses

Benefits of SEO For Businesses
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key driver of meaningful results for a business. Some of the benefits are obvious, whereas others are less so. In this article, we cover some of the advantages that come from a focus on SEO to demonstrate how much value it can provide. 

Higher Results Compared to Cold Leads

When looking to find new customers, it’s useful to compare cold leads to new visitors coming from SEO. People who are approached cold aren’t the best leads. They’re often caught at a bad time, too busy to respond, or are otherwise disinterested. It becomes a numbers game where only a 1-2% conversion rate is captured.
When an SEO campaign is run by a company like VUDU, the leads generated through SEO are entirely different. People have found an article that provided useful information which was authored by the company’s staff or someone they hired. Or, there’s a relevant link pointing to the sales page from another source. Either way, visitors following these links are SEO leads that are already warmed up. As a result, they’re up to seven times more likely to convert compared to cold leads.

Increased Brand Awareness

SEO done right is an affordable way to get your brand shown around relevant industry blogs and other places where potential customers may be found. People and companies purchase from other people they trust. Seeing the brand repeatedly mentioned in a positive light increases the likelihood of the person willingly engaging with the brand. Without a positive brand image, it’s difficult to convince anyone to become a customer. The larger the per deal value, the truer this is.
Easier to Compete for Search Rankings
The higher the company ranks in the Google search engine for important search terms, the more free, organic traffic will be received every month. With work put into SEO, high-value backlinks are created that demonstrate that the site is worth strong consideration to rank higher. Links act as a vote of confidence and are still one of the top 5 ranking factors today. It increases the likelihood that the organic traffic will increase.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing in all its forms is used to generate new customers and sales. When figuring out how much should be budgeted for marketing, it’s natural to look at where your potential customers are most likely to be and the ROI on advertising in these markets.
SEO competes extremely well on a cost basis compared to paid digital advertising and the large nationwide campaigns across billboards or on TV. The results aren’t as quick as with paid advertising, but it’s an inexpensive way to generate genuine and specific interest. Also, it’s open to budgets of all sizes due to its affordability.
There are a variety of techniques and strategies that can be adopted when pursuing SEO. It’s possible to look at a business and develop a unique approach that should deliver the best results for the budget. This makes it a flexible marketing tool available to every business wanting to take advantage of the opportunities.
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