Anticipation builds for Jon Fisher - penned ‘I took the only path to see you’ after viral commencement speech

The growth of internet accessibility and connectivity has resulted in a corresponding leap in serial entrepreneurship for the last decade. However, defining success in that context is a completely different topic. Some will tie it to their monetary gain, others point it to positive or innovative global impact.

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In general, though, the best entrepreneurs are not solely driven by money. They crave the challenges leading to success, loving the processes like unification and creation of teams or product development that gives them the thrill.

Still, there are only 24 hours a day. They have fewer sleeping hours and the majority of their hours are designated for work-related purposes. With that said, entrepreneurs can’t simply work until they die; they are still human beings who need to maintain a good balance despite their inclination to see idle time as wasted time.

Serial entrepreneur Jon Fisher has trodden a different path in terms of finding the perfect balance. His insights became food for thought for all the hardworking founders, regardless of where they’re in their journeys.

Who Is Jon Fisher?

Born January 19, 1972, Jon Fisher is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author, investor, philanthropist, speaker, and inventor. He is the co-founder and CEO of CrowdOptic, a med-tech company.

The company uses innovative algorithms and real-time sensor data from electronic devices to enhance social media advertising and sharing and security. This tech has been implemented in everything from sports to the government, more particularly in the MedTech sector. In partnership with the National Bioskills Laboratories, this tech brings on-going surgeries to trainers, physicians, and students in real-time.  Also, it was the first patented solution for wearable techs like the Google Glass.  

His Commencement Speech That Went Viral

In 2018, Jon Fisher gave an inspiring commencement speech at the University of San Francisco. He spoke to 48 doctoral candidates, 535 graduate students, and 475 undergraduates during that time. The graduating class comes from 32 countries across the world, including Brazil, Vietnam, Nigeria, and from 36 states around the country.  

His speech sent chills up and down the body of millions of people online, surpassing the traction of both Tom Hank’s 2020 graduation commencement speech to Wright State University and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Snapchat Commencement Address done together.

Fisher as an Author

From the education standpoint, Fisher’s name is spreading far and wide. In fact, his first book published in 2008 and titled, “Strategic Entrepreneurism: Shattering the Start-Up Entrepreneurial Myths”, is still required reading at the University of California’s Haas School of Business.

Recently, he has announced his second book titled “I Took the Only Path to See You”. It incorporates much of the subject matter in his viral commencement speech— family.

He believed that being a successful Silicon Valley visionary and entrepreneur doesn’t have to come at the expense of their personal happiness. Whether we’re talking about Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or Bill Gates, their success comes from their ability to balance their life between work and family.

His book has been picked up by the multi-national publishing company, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., and coming in spring 2021.

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