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Andrew Giorgi Shares why you need more than knowledge and execution to reach 7+ figures

Andrew Giorgi Shares why you need more than knowledge and execution to reach 7+ figures

The biggest challenge in any business is not starting the venture but sustaining it in the long run while scaling it up.

Growing a business successfully needs passion, hard work, and, of course, prudent planning. This is where most budding entrepreneurs quit because they find themselves lost in a pool of problems after an initial failure. Andrew Giorgi had a similar experience when started his first venture. Unlike many in this situation, Andrew chose to fight back, learning from his experiences and making valuable connections. Today he is the Chief of Operations and Chief Marketing Officer scaling up businesses to 7 figures and above.

Raised by a single mother in a low-income family, Andrew's life was no different from most middle-class people who struggle. However, Andrew was determined to be an entrepreneur and eventually started his first business as a partnership venture. It was all going well until Andrew discovered his business partner scammed him out of  thousands of dollars and fled. This came as a shock to Andrew who was still a beginner in his entrepreneurial journey.

From living on his own to moving back with his parents and grandparents because he had no earnings was a huge disappointment. This taught Andrew the most valuable lesson of having a contract-based partnership where everything is in writing to avoid being scammed. This was not the only challenge he overcame in his career. Andrew had to settle five figures in debt because some of his other ventures also failed. At this time, he was going through a trial and error method to figure out what works for him and what aspect of the business he is passionate about. Settling the debt has been the most challenging time for him.

The next important lesson he learned was regarding tax payment. Being a novice, Andrew was not taking care of his taxes and did not have an accountant to assist him in the business. The unpaid taxes of a couple of years eventually totalled a huge amount that Andrew had to pay in back taxes. This made him realize the significance of having a good team to assist the business towards growth. Since then, Andrew has been focused on making valuable connections to help him overcome different hurdles in business.           

Today, Andrew is an accomplished entrepreneur, COO, and CMO, inspiring budding entrepreneurs through his journey. Starting from zero, he has managed to generate multiple 7-figures ventures within 4 years. He scaled a YouTube channel that had only 5k subscribers to 7-figures. Within the first 18 months of starting his e-commerce business, Andrew was able to generate 6-figures.

Andrew believes knowledge and execution are essential for any business to grow but meaningful relationships can boost it further. Discovering an area of specialization in business is necessary for any entrepreneur. Andrew wants to share his story with others to motivate them to learn from their experiences and relentlessly chase their goals. He also wants to create a passive income stream for investors.

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