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7 Signs you need to look elsewhere for a job


9th Sep 2021 Down to Business

7 Signs you need to look elsewhere for a job

It’s never nice to finally realise that a job you’ve put many hours into isn’t for you

The situation isn’t uncommon, though, and it’s always better to know sooner rather than later. Whether you are the newbie in the office or you’re fifteen years into a career, here are seven signs it’s time to start looking elsewhere for a job. 

1: Your managers treat you unfairly 

Nobody deserves to be unfairly treated by management. If you notice that your manager/s have been undermining your skills, asking you for too much, or simply speaking to you in a rude manner, it might be time to look elsewhere. Of course, a single bad manager doesn’t always mean you should run away, as that can be sorted by HR, but if the general work culture is toxic, it’s better to find work somewhere more enjoyable, understanding, and comfortable. Those places do exist! 

If you have an issue with the way you’ve been treated at a job, you can always use the help of Monaco solicitors to help settle an agreement. That way, you won’t come out the other side worse off.  

2: You dread waking up in the morning 

It’s normal to have days where you want to stay in bed. In fact, it’s extremely common. There’s a difference between desiring an extra hour in bed and actively dreading going to your job, though. If the thought of dragging yourself in the office in the morning makes you feel awful, then it’s a definite sign you need to start looking for a job that doesn’t drain you. 

3: You have little time for anything else 

Some people work well when busy all the time, but everyone needs a break from time to time. It allows you to recharge your batteries and come back feeling fresh and ready to go. If your job doesn’t (and won’t) allow for that, then you’d be doing yourself a service by looking elsewhere for a new career. 

4: There are no development opportunities 

It is unusual to spend five, ten, and twenty years in a career without even a hint of progression. If that sounds like your job, you might find better opportunities in another role. After all, you want the opportunity to grow! 

5: There is a high turnaround 

A high turnaround is usually a sign of bad management, so if you notice that the company you work for always has new employees and can never keep a person around for more than a year, you might want to join those who’ve left. You want to find a company that respects its employees and prides itself on great company culture

6: Your skills aren’t being used 

Whether you are great at organization, leadership, or project management, it can be disheartening to never get the opportunity to use those skills. Good careers don’t just lump their employees in a box – they allow for staff to shine in their individual ways. If your job doesn’t allow for that, consider a new one. 

7: You have a realistic passion elsewhere 

A job doesn’t have to be a bad one for you to consider looking elsewhere. If you have a true passion that you can realistically pursue, then it’s a sign you should move on. You don’t have to leave your current role straight away – try out a course focused on your passion first and see where it takes you.

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