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7 Examples of brands that are doing content marketing well

7 Examples of brands that are doing content marketing well

In this social media age, coming up with relevant and effective content ideas is hard work. Your ideas have to be creative and strategic enough to drive your desired business results.

Content marketing brands

If you take a look at the definition of content marketing according to the Content Marketing Institute, you will quickly identify the heart of content marketing which is to drive profitable customer action.

You’re going to get some of the best content marketing examples in this article. This will help inspire you to create some great content that will help you connect with customers in your space.


Canva graphic design platform 

The well-known graphic design platform Canva makes it simpler for companies, influencers, and content creators anywhere to create content. In 2022, it started a weekly user contest with continuous prizes, such as a paid yearly subscription to Canva.

Unique, innovative, and occasionally “out there” images are requested for the #CanvaDesignChallenge, which is then presented to a group of Canva employees. They select their top five at the end of the week.

It's a fantastic example of how to foster user-generated content (UGC). The hashtag #CanvaDesignChallenge has been able to generate posts from its users since Canva's debut. Now, its staff only needs to lift a finger to decide which content to share on Instagram. Additionally, Canva, a pioneer in creativity, empowers its users to be experts.

Canva encourages content creators to think creatively and innovate. Additionally, a community of creators eager to use the tool and demonstrate their abilities is growing.

On Canva's Instagram feed, you may view the most recent weekly challenges or previous winners.


Companies can use Wistia's expert video hosting and video marketing tools. Therefore, it is no surprise that their method of producing video content is effective.

Wistia succeeds in adopting a distinctive, Netflix-like strategy for content marketing that subtly promotes its product (video software) and offers productive advice with a dash of comedy.

For instance, Bandwagon, a short-form television series, is their most recent content marketing strategy. Even though it's amusing, the program features the company's CEO, Chris Savage, who offers valuable insights on creating a brand. The widely used media format and humour attract viewers, yet the ideal target audience is kept interested by professional advice.

They also produce research projects that are essentially produced and photographed to appear more like a documentary series. To experiment with the series One, Ten, One Hundred, Wistia hired a single video production company to create three distinct videos, with the only difference between them being the budget: the first video would cost $1,000, the second would cost $10,000, and the third would cost $100,000.

Wistia video hosting and video marketing

It's a clear victory when these distinctive and alluring types of video content are combined with the fact that video generates 66% more high-quality leads. You can explore how video content can help you grow your brand by taking a look at these  Instagram marketing tips.


With its excellent software and its network of skilled creators, Adobe assists businesses. They feature items that are appropriate for the creative demands of every business, from creating PDFs to illuminating e-books or posters.

The computer software company expands the horizons of business by pushing the boundaries of creativity with its B2B services on its Twitter profile. They publish instructive blog pieces, vibrant and motivating graphic content, and hints for better illustration and video production.

Additionally, Adobe showcases the artwork of individuals with advanced skills to reward their originality.

When it comes to video editing, Windows and Mac users can edit their content with Adobe Premiere Pro which offers the greatest experience possible. You can fully control your videos thanks to a variety of video editing capabilities it offers. However, the software can be hard to use for beginners, so Mac users stick to built-in iMovie or use any other decent and intuitive iMovie alternative for Mac


Although OrbitMedia is just a web design and development company, its content marketing is incomparably effective. The originality of their material is the key to their success.

They conduct a lot of original research in addition to writing detailed, well-written instructions. For instance, each year, they send surveys to 1,000+ bloggers, collect the data, and then turn it into statistics that are then turned into branded graphics, charts, and other visuals. That single post alone has more than 7,000 backlinks!

Additionally, Andy Crestodina, their CMO, is fast to spot trends and develop fresh data around them. For instance, he was among the first to share original research on the COVID-19 pandemic's effects on agencies:

OrbitMedia web design and development company


Slack holds an annual conference every year to connect with and inform its 630,000 global users. When several businesses went remote to stop the spread of COVID-19, Slack saw a significant increase in business.

Businesses could take advantage of the Slack Frontiers conference to learn more about the brand's expanding service portfolio. Staying informed with content marketing trends helps you to take advantage of the relevant content marketing trends for your brand.

Along with the conference, Slack intensifies its use of effective growth marketing strategies. The company provides videos on its YouTube channel that are intended for brand decision-makers who require a method of interoffice, remote communication. The videos are incredibly well-targeted and speak to executives' and brands' current issues. Demand for the conference is also increased by these demonstrations, tutorials, and other video marketing resources.


For small and medium-sized enterprises, MailChimp is a well-liked, simple-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It excels at assisting solopreneurs and small business owners in cultivating new leads and creating subscriber lists.

However, MailChimp continues to produce its own fascinating and pertinent content. It debuted a miniseries in January 2021 called All in a Day's Work, which highlights the successes and difficulties of smaller businesses.

The engaging stop-motion animations demonstrate that MailChimp is aware of the challenges and victories faced by entrepreneurs and small enterprises.

Use this chance to demonstrate that you have a unique understanding of your audience. This way, your customers may feel more connected to you and your brand as a result.

App Annie

App Annie is a mobile data and analytics platform that offers users benchmarks and insights to optimize the effectiveness of their app marketing.

Similar to Webflow, they use case studies to foster confidence and demonstrate that their solution has produced positive results for their clients. In particular, App Annie takes pride in the fact that well-known companies like Coca-Cola use their product:

A headline like that would lead you to believe, if you were a potential buyer for App Annie, "If it's good enough for Coca-Cola, it must be good enough for me!"

The case study has a well-known structure:

●            Challenges

●            Solutions

●            Results

Additionally, we include a video testimonial this time. The testimonial is more powerful when a genuine person's face and a name from Coca-Cola are attached to the case study. This increases trust. Wyzeowl claims that 2/3 of customers are more inclined to purchase after watching a testimonial video.


A superb content marketing plan exhibits good writing and production, demonstrates a thorough understanding of its target audience, incorporates search engine optimization, and has a strong distribution network.

With these content marketing examples, find inspiration to produce something for your brand and long-term benefits can accrue if you put the time, effort, and money into creating an efficient content marketing machine.

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