7 effective tricks to turn Instagram followers into customers


9th Dec 2020 Technology

7 effective tricks to turn Instagram followers into customers

There are more than one billion active users on Instagram per month. People use this social media network for personal and commercial purposes. When you use Instagram to promote your products or services, the first step is to accumulate a high number of followers who are interested in your company’s niche. 

Do not assume that every single follower will convert into a customer. Assume that 90% of your total followers will never buy a single thing. They will just follow your Instagram channel to see entertaining or informative content for free. That is okay, though, because those followers might recommend your content to other people who could become new customers.

As for your remaining followers, they will purchase something if you promote your content in the proper manner. It is not enough to post an Instagram advertisement whenever you want to sell something. Your followers need to feel like they’re getting something out of your channel. It cannot be all promotional, or else they’ll unfollow you.

Below are the top 7 effective tricks to turn Instagram followers into customers. These tricks should help you get started in converting leads and followers into customers. 

1) Buy Instagram likes

Why buy Instagram likes? You might be asking yourself this question because you think that people will just like your posts naturally. The truth is that it is difficult to get people to like your posts, especially if you have less than 10,000 followers. 

Do not expect your Instagram followers to view every post that you make on your channel. They only pay more attention to posts with hundreds or thousands of likes. When a post receives a high number of likes, it usually means the content is important to many people. And if the content is about a product or service you’re selling, then it will compel your followers to purchase it too.

Therefore, the idea is to buy cheap Instagram comments and likes to your posts, so your followers will take more of an interest in your content. If they like what is for sale, they will possibly purchase it.

2) Post video content

Photos are the most common type of content to post on Instagram. But you also have the option to post videos too. If you’re trying to introduce a new product or service in a creative way to your followers, then you could post up a video commercial about it to them. The video could explain the benefits of what you’re selling and why your followers should buy it. 

Instagram videos rank higher in people’s feeds if they have thousands of views. That is why you should buy Instagram video views. It will ensure you get your commercial videos seen by a wider audience. More importantly, it will give your followers an incentive to look at your videos after seeing all the views they’ve gotten. 

3) Ask Questions to Your Followers

When you post up photos and videos to your Instagram channel, ask your followers a few questions in the description section of your posts. For instance, if you’re a clothing retailer, ask your followers which types of outfits or clothing products would they like to see at your store? 

The idea is to encourage your followers to engage with your channel. Once you get a conversation started in the comments section, you can reply to their comments by acknowledging how grateful you are for their recommendations. It will make your followers feel like valuable assets to your company and motivate them to purchase your products if their recommendations are made available. 

4) Discount codes and special deals

Instagram followers are the equivalent of leads for your business. Whenever you attempt to convert leads into customers, you must give them an incentive to purchase what you’re selling. Posting discount codes and special deals on your products or services are great ways to create such an incentive. 

Some businesses will post images of their discount codes or promotional language like “50% Off – Limited Time Only – Ends on Christmas.” This language motivates people to act fast and purchase from your store before it is too late. Be sure to mention the benefits of your products or services in addition to the promotions. That information is always vital in persuading followers to become customers.

5) Post creative content 

It will be beneficial to your brand if you spend more time and money to produce high-quality photos and videos for your Instagram posts. Your followers do not want to see boring content that does not capture their interest. You will never convert followers into customers that way. But if you post entertaining or creative content, they will pay more attention to its messaging. 

One idea is to post a series of creative videos to your Instagram channel. You could post one video per day or one video per week so that your followers will look forward to them. As more followers watch your content and post comments, you can engage with them by replying to their comments and making offers to them. 

6) Offer warranties and money back guarantees

Your followers might feel more compelled to make a purchase if you offer a warranty or money-back guarantee on your products or services. Offer a unique promotion where you give buyers something like a “One Year Warranty” or “100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 Days.”

Once your followers see they have nothing to lose, they will take a chance and purchase from you. If you’re already selling a good product or service, then you shouldn’t have to worry about your customers wanting a refund or an exchange. But in the rare case it does happen, you’ll still have many other satisfied customers to make up the difference. 

7) Contact followers individually

Your followers don’t want to feel like they’re invisible amid a sea of other followers to your channel. If you make an effort to contact some of your followers individually, they will appreciate the specialized attention you’re giving them. 

You could send an exclusive discount code or special offer to each follower you contact personally. They will appreciate the unique opportunity you’re giving them and will be more inclined to purchase something from you. 

Don’t be too promotional, though. Try to mention something that they talked about in their previous comments to your posts. That way, it doesn’t look like a SPAM message to a bunch of different followers.


It is not difficult to turn Instagram followers into customers if you have the right strategies in place. Use these 7 tricks to effectively convert your existing followers into customers. It might take some time before you master each trick, but that’s okay. The idea is to practice until you get better at them.