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5 Reasons You Need Smart Card Technology at Your Gym 


1st Apr 2020 Down to Business

5 Reasons You Need Smart Card Technology at Your Gym 

Smart card technology has benefits for many different sectors, from healthcare to hospitality. And the leisure sector is one place where smart cards and wristbands can bring vital improvements to efficiency and profitability

If you are looking for ways to improve the gym experience for your customers and staff, smart cards and wristbands could be the answer. Here’s what you need to know about smart card systems in the leisure industry. 

Best Benefits of Smart Cards and Wristbands in Gyms

1. Your Gym is Easier to Access

Smart card technology is useful in many aspects of the day to day maintenance of a gym and helping users get the best experience from the facilities. One of the primary reasons to bring in smart cards or smart wristbands is to make the facilities easier to access. Set up a door access system with a smart card reader or a wristband reader at the front desk, and you can let users enter the premises quickly and without any hold-ups. You usually don’t need a full-time member of staff on the desk. A staff member at reception can concentrate on other tasks without having to allow people in and out. It gives gym users a better service and you deliver an improved customer experience.

2. You Gain Invaluable Branding Opportunities 

Smart cards and wristbands are the ideal places to add branding notices and logos, enhancing your overall brand recognition and providing an economical way to advertise your services. You can add contact details to help potential users get in touch with you. When you use your smart cards or wristbands like contact cards, people promote your business as they go about their everyday lives. 

3. Smart Cards and Wristbands are More Practical

Membership cards are old-fashioned and not durable. They need to be kept dry and clean, which doesn't make them the best things to be used in changing rooms or near a swimming pool. Wristbands can be worn around the gym without any risk of damage and can, therefore, help users access lockers and changing facilities without having to carry a wallet or a purse. Most smart cards and wristbands are easy to replace should they be lost or stolen. 

4. A Smart Card System is Cost-Effective

Users are less likely to damage or lose a wristband and they are more likely to hold onto a smart card, which means you won’t have to replace these items as quickly. They can also be reprogrammed if access rights need to be changed temporarily or permanently. 

5. Smart Cards Increase Revenue From Other Sources

By implementing a smart card access system, you can increase revenue from other sources such as vending machines and restaurants. Wristbands and cards allow users to purchase food or drink more easily. Or, if you have a store on-site, you can maximise purchases from the shop such as gym clothes and equipment. This is all done with an in-house cashless system that will allow users to pay on account using their smart card or wristband, which is then settled later as part of a monthly bill or direct debit.

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