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5 hidden work perks you should consider asking for


27th Nov 2019 Down to Business

5 hidden work perks you should consider asking for

Work perks have become essential to attracting the best quality staff. Employers expect prospective staff to ask for all kinds of perks, from time off to office luxuries.

There’s never been a better time to dictate your own work schedule and how your workspace feels. If you want to make the most of your new job here are five perks you should consider asking for at the negotiation table. 

Commuting Perks

Commuting has become a huge part of the modern work lifestyle. So much of our day is spent trapped crowded trains, driving cars or getting splashed on bikes. If you have a long, tiring commute it can be hard to come into work in a productive state of mind, especially if you’re thinking about the cost. Recent studies suggest the average person spends £146 a month commuting. 

Consider asking your employers to cover your commuting cost to relive some of that burden. Alternatively, suggest some flexitime or work from home options to avoid peak times and make the journey more bearable. 

If you drive a lot for your job, getting your employer to switch to a fuel card will make easier for you to pay for fuel and save them not just money, but time spent going through receipts at the end of the month. Visit iCompario to learn more about fuel cards, and think about how you can pitch this as perk not just for yourself, but your employer. 

Personal Development

Asking for a perk that will ultimately make you a much better asset for the company is going to be an easy sell to any employer. Personal development plans are an ideal way to appeal to both sides of the negotiation table. Consider asking your employer for a budget and time off to pursue courses, conferences and qualifications that’ll help you learn new skills. 

It will show a willingness to grow yourself within the company, while allowing you to pad out your CV and add some variety to your work calendar.  

Milestone Celebrations 

You want to feel noticed and celebrated in your work right? You may not have even started yet, but if you’re negotiating for a position you can see yourself staying in for a long time it’s worth safeguarding what benefits you’re going to receive when those milestones come around. 

A day off on your year anniversary with the company and a sabbatical after five years of service will be some much needed refreshment time to focus on a job well done. We’re always being told to step back and recognise our own accomplishments, so why not make sure your employer does as well. 

Family Support

For young working parents arranging childcare and making sure you don’t miss out on important moments is a major concern. Your new employers may already have solid paternity or even childcare cost plans in place, but it’s worth considering parental leave for Dads or an additional day off a week to ease yourself back into work. 

If you’re concerned you’ll be putting so much into your work that you’ll miss out on time with your young family, ask for the same half day off every month so you don’t miss football practice or violin lessons. Work shouldn’t take away all those special moments, and knowing you won’t be missing out will do wonders for your wellbeing and productivity. 

Relocation Assistance

If you’re relocating for your new job it’s a no brainer to ask for some help or compensation. Moving across the country for a job doesn’t just mean covering the cost of one moving van. It should be an investment in getting you settled in a new area and a new home. 

Chances are you’ll have had to work a notice period, and that means you may have rushed into a new home and had little time to get acquainted with the area. 

Ask for some additional time off or a slower start that doesn’t instantly eat into your holiday time to make sure you can sort out the essentials in your home and get your bearings of the area.

The perks your work offers are more variable than ever. Employers understand that people sacrifice their time, location and relationships to succeed and develop in a job, so you should consider trying to get what you can in terms of perks. 

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