5 crazy benefits of running hair salons through mobile apps

It is undeniable that the fast-paced development of technology has radically transformed every single sphere of life. From the way we shop and inform ourselves to the way we run a small business—and provide increasingly personalised beauty services.

Everything has changed (yet accelerated so much) because of techie tools.

So, if you happen to own a hair salon or a spa and struggle with the organisation of your appointments, do not hesitate to incorporate cutting-edge mobile app solutions like Versum into your everyday tasks.

Apps of this sort will not only improve your customer service significantly but also will make you feel much better when it comes to facing your intense salon routine. Because Versum helps you save a raft of time and improves your marketing efforts in a user-friendly and integrated platform.

Today, we have the honor of sharing with you 5 true advantages of using Versum so you can manage your hair salon effectively. You can finally say bye-bye to disorganisation and run your salon like clockwork now. Avoid finding yourself in dire straits to beat the clock once more.

1. Gain more freedom than ever as an entrepreneur

Versum offers you an amazing opportunity to manage simply and efficiently different (and very complex) aspects of your:

  • hair salon
  • spa 
  • beauty clinic

in a single super intuitive dashboard.

This tool specially designed for beauty salons simplifies the whole process of organising multiple tasks through different means.

With Versum, you won´t need several tools to organize your salon anymore. Just one painless platform will do the trick. You can now start ditching those little papers and handwritten notes that surround your desk and make you nervous every day. And what's more, you can easily access Versum from any device. Luckily, this software is compatible with:

  • mobile phones
  • tablets
  • laptops
  • PCs

Isn't it fascinating to simplify your everyday salon chores from wherever you are, and focus on what you love doing the most?

It may be refurbishing your waiting room, doing that makeup artistry course online, or dedicating more time to have empowering conversations with your staff. With Versum you can totally make this happen. And also, you can be perceived as extremely professional by your clients, and distinguish yourself from the competition. And this will activate positive word of mouth about your beauty brand.

2. Revamp your whole customer service management

This is maybe the best feature of the app. Versum is designed to help you take care of customer relationships with its fascinating automation and marketing tools. Among all the stimulating ingredients that improve customer service you can find:

  • Personalised client records: don´t miss out all the details about your customers anymore!
  • 24/7 online bookings: it gives more freedom to your customers too.
  • Integrated online payment with PayPal: it opens up paying options to the popular virtual wallet.
  • Exciting gift vouchers and packages: they can help you get more customers when your current clients choose to pamper friends and family with these.

3. Keep track of all the epic haircuts of your clients (and see what´s trending!)

Versum is smartly designed to display a “before and after” detailed history of every client.

Customers need to feel they're important for a brand more than ever. And one of the core values of this software is exactly to help you improve your customer service, making your clients feel special—but without unnecessary efforts on your front.
It's impossible to remember everything nowadays. Versum comes to fix this problem of having so much information to deal with on a regular basis. Information that is paramount to provide a professional service.

Another immensely useful feature is that the app allows you to see what the hot areas and trends are. Versum gives you powerful insights on beauty-related products and services clients are spending most of their money on.

4. Remember each and every appointment—and remind your clients too!

Another core feature of Versum is flawless scheduling. Not only you can sync calendars with Google, but also, you can automate customised messages to remind yourself (and your clients) of the upcoming appointments.  

This way, you can avoid misunderstandings and confusion when it comes to remembering beauty consultations. Versum sends reminders to both parts 24 hours before each appointment.

5. Try Versum for any salon size—regardless of the number of employees you have

Versum software caters for every size and stage of beauty businesses. From the very beginnings of your startup life to a whole hair empire with 25 employees and many branches, Versum is by your side to simplify your scheduling, customer service and marketing efforts.

Every step of the way.

You can choose among four plans to enjoy better hair salon, spa, or beauty clinic management that will delight your clients.

The number of team members available for each plan is:

  • 1 employee: Solo plan
  • 2 to 6 employees: Basic plan
  • 7 to 12 employees: Medium plan
  • unlimited number of employees: Pro plan

Versum also gives you the possibility to monitor employee activity and see their updated working stats. These analytics are interesting because they help you improve your service and have a more specific focus on each employee's performance.

Note: You can try the app totally for free for two weeks (without even having a credit card).

What are you waiting for to try Versum? Don´t let your beauty salon have a bad hair day.

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