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5 Annoying Instagram marketing tactics to stop using


2nd Oct 2023 Down to Business

5 Annoying Instagram marketing tactics to stop using
Marketing on Instagram has become a popular way for brands and businesses to get their product out on social media in the visual-based platform and reach a larger audience to increase their sales and exposure.
Most businesses have gotten on the bandwagon with this and signed up and created an account. Unfortunately, there are several mistakes that can be made when attempting to get involved with Instagram marketing, and falling into these bad habits will potentially cost you followers in the long run. We've identified these common annoying tactics, and have alternatives to them listed for you!
  1. Duplicate posting: While it's great to be proud of a certain shot, post, or product, you shouldn't post it more than once on your account. Some brands start posting a weekly photo that is the exact same to promote, but you'll see so much more engagement and excitement if you switch it up with new images and captions! 
  2. Using too many filters: Even though Instagram gives you several options for filters, it's best to stay away from them, or you'll look over-edited and lose quality on your images. Brands have found the most success by uploading simple, high-quality images that aren't distorted by unique filters. Having a uniform look to your feed will help make it more aesthetically appealing and draw in more attention. People connect with people, not filters.
  3. Lacking strategy or a goal: Pointlessly posting whatever comes to mind might seem like a good idea, but after awhile, your followers will catch on and grow bored. Your profile needs to have a purpose, so give it one! Decide what goals you're hoping to achieve specifically on Instagram and come up with a plan on what to post to get there. 
  4. Irrelevant hashtag usage: Using hashtags is the best way to get exposure on Instagram, and it's highly recommended! However, be smart about which ones you choose to use. People will grow frustrated with your brand if your posts show up in the wrong search. For example, don't use the "nomakeup" hashtag on your post about a shoelace sale. It's not relevant, and it won't reach the right people anyway. 
  5. Marketing itself: Instagram is a personal website, and that is what has gotten it to be so popular. People enjoy the intimate feel of the app, and they tend to shy away from accounts that are all about shoving nothing but sales pitches down their follower's throats. Include your stuff in your posts, but don't oversell. 
  6. Buying fake Instagram followers and likes: This is a poor marketing tactic. Avoid using sites to buy fake Instagram engagement. This can hurt your profile and cause more harm in the long run. If you’re looking for authentic engagement and followers for your Instagram profile, use services such as Buzzoid for their 100% real Instagram followers, likes and views. 
Using Instagram to market your brand can be helpful, but just stay clear of these common mistakes or use a marketing agency in Kent to help you navigate best tactics to grow your brand. Once you've identified these issues, you'll start to see a change in your engagement for the better. You'll probably notice other businesses and competitors falling into the same unhealthy posting patterns, and it won't be hard to see why these tactics shouldn't be used in Instagram marketing.
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