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4 Steps to a Successful Career Change


29th Mar 2020 Down to Business

4 Steps to a Successful Career Change

It is estimated that workers today will change careers every five years on average. Often this is due to working jobs while being a student and then getting into their primary career after graduating.

However, not everyone chooses the right education path, and some people find new passions. If this sounds familiar and you want to change your career, use these four tips to help you do just that.

1.   Start Using the Right Job Site

One of the most significant issues that career-switchers face is that they stick with one job site. Many employers indeed advertise their positions on multiple sites to give them a better chance of finding the right candidates. Yet, some job sites are geared towards some industries more than others.

Looking at JobRapido for instance, a job search site for everybody but with many roles in high-skilled areas such as engineering, tech and medicine. When you do start searching for your new career, make sure you use the job sites that put the odds in your favour.

2.   Retrain Yourself

Using job sites early is valuable because it can help you understand what skills and qualifications employers are looking for. This may mean you have to retrain for the new career. But this has become more feasible for those already in a job because of distant learning and online courses.

Remote qualifications allow workers to prepare for their career switch in their own time, meaning they can also keep their current job and supporting the household while they retrain.

3.   Start Networking

Even if you are not already in the industry or established, there is always a good reason to attend your target industry's conferences, seminars and events. First of all, by visiting these, it shows potential employers that you are serious about switching successfully and have made personal steps to make that happen. It also gives you knowledge of the industry that you can use to your advantage.

But above all else, it may help you get your foot in the door with an employer or hear about openings and programmes. We’ve all heard that who you know matters – so get to know them by networking effectively out of your comfort zone.

4.   Stay up to Date

Networking is more often associated with workers already in the industry, and it is something you should continue to do if you want to make your career change a successful one. By continuing to stay up to date with industry changes during the transition period and after employment, you are more likely to enjoy your new career and grow confidence. 

By stopping you learning once in the job, you may soon feel out of your depth and dissatisfied with your professional life once again.

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