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3 Promising Start-ups Worth Watching for in 2020


2nd Jul 2020 Down to Business

3 Promising Start-ups Worth Watching for in 2020

With each passing day, more companies and businesses are coming up with innovative solutions to meet unique customer needs. These developments are not only driving intense competition across different industries, but also helping to improve product and service delivery. This means businesses that come up with products or services that meet unique consumer needs have greater chances of becoming successful. As such, if you’re trying to find out which company or business is going to make a notable impact in 2020, these business start-ups are certainly some of the safest bets.


Better.com is a New York-based startup that is attempting to update the archaic mortgage application process by taking it online. The startup does not charge any commission or fees for its services but earns revenues only through interest. The great thing with Better.com is that getting approval on the platform is pretty fast and takes just a few minutes unlike traditional mortgage applications that can take weeks. The company managed to lend over USD $4 billion to homebuyers in 2019 and announced a USD $160 million additional funding in August to bring its total disbursements to USD $254 million. The service is currently approved in 44 states and expects to be in all the 50 states by May, 2020.


Nordicoil.com is one of the fastest growing cannabidiol (CBD) brands in the European Union. It is also the most Googled brand in a number of EU member states including Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.. The company is currently active in 9 EU countries and the US, and it offers a variety of products ranging from CBD tinctures, skin care products, balms and vaping liquid. Nordic Oil has certainly set new standards when it comes to quality and customer service, supplying tens of thousands of CBD customers every month. In 2019, the company’s CBD oil was ranked as the best overall CBD product in Europe by Strain Insider. As CBD continues to grow in popularity and become more acceptable due to its therapeutic and medicinal properties, this is certainly one of the companies you can bet on to be successful in the future.


Every year over USD $18 billion worth of spoiled food gets discarded by US food retailers. This is obviously a bad thing for both the retailers’ bottom lines and the environment. Afresh, a San Francisco-based startup noted this problem and created software that uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to help retail stores optimize their inventories of fresh foods and minimize waste. The company was established in 2016 and it has now secured partnerships with a couple of billion-dollar grocery chains as talks to bring other stores on board continue. Several partner stores have already reported that adopting the app has helped them cut back on food waste by half. 

If you’re looking for the most promising enterprise startups worth betting on in 2020 and going forward, we have decided to save you the trouble with this list. These startups have been selected based on their success stories, as well as the venture-backed funds they have managed to raise since their establishment.

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