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Why Dog Harnesses Are Safer for Walks Than Collars


7th Apr 2019 Animals & Pets

If you have a dog, then you know that one of the best parts about it is taking him out for a walk. A lot of owners will often use a dog collar, but if you want something strong and safe, then it’s best to go for a harness.



There have been incidences of dogs getting hurt and choking with dog collars; this is why a lot of veterinarians recommend owners start using a harness instead.

If you want to know why a harness is better, here is a list of reasons why you should consider getting your dog a harness and throwing your collar out the window:

Your dog will not choke

The dog collar is wrapped directly around the dog's neck. When you put a leash on the collar and pull, you can easily choke the dog. This is especially true if you are trying to pull your dog away from something. The force between your pulling and the dog going towards the opposite direction can put a great deal of pressure on the neck. This can cause a dog to choke. The harness, on the other hand, is wrapped around the dog's whole body. That way, when you pull your dog away from something, the strong grip from the harness can provide support and control - it's less likely to cause any hazardous choking or danger to your pet.

Stronger hold

Because the harness holds onto the dog's entire body, it provides a stronger hold. This will give you more control over the dog during your hike or stroll. If you want the dog to change direction, the harness can easily grab the dog and help you pull him or her towards your desired destination. The dog collar, on the other hand, is not strong enough because it only pulls around the neck of your dog. 

Your dog will not pull

According to TheDogClinic.com, a dog harness is a safer alternative to a collar if your dog is a puller. They also provide more control when walking. With a dog harness, the dog is less likely to pull. This is mainly because it feels the entire material around its body taking it towards the direction you want to lead them. It’s like a giant hand that is around the dog. This is why the dog is less likely to pull back because he or she knows that the harness is stronger than them. The collar, on the other hand, is only wrapped around the dog's neck. The dog will think that the collar is not strong enough. Therefore, it is more likely to pull against you to get to their desired direction. 

Easy training

When you first get a puppy the most important thing to do is to train him. When using a dog collar, the hold is not as strong as a harness. It may not be enough to control a hyperactive puppy. A harness, on the other hand, provides comfort and grip that can easily help you control the dog. If you need the dog to learn how to stay, heel, or stop, then the harness can definitely provide more control and grip for you to handle your dog during what can be a tough training process.

More relaxed

Walking and hiking is a fun and necessary activity to do with your dog. However, you should keep in mind that when you use a collar, the dog can feel stressed out. Imagine having something around your neck and pulling you, that could be an uncomfortable feeling. When the dog feels more stress, they are more likely to play up. A harness, on the other hand, acts like a blanket or a support system. It gently wraps around the dog to give them comfort and support. The dog is more relaxed and is less likely to be aggressive during a good walking session.

Where to get a dog harness

A common question that owners often ask is "where do I get a good harness?" There are various places to get a sturdy harness. However, when you explore the online options, you can get more creative designs, material, and affordable prices. You can purchase your dog harness online from the comfort of your own home. 

What to consider

When you are browsing the internet and searching for the perfect harness, there are some things to consider. It’s best to get a dog harness that has the proper dimension for your dog. Usually, websites will have pictures of the dog in the harness as well as his height and weight, so you get a good idea of what to expect. If you own a husky, then it’s best to get a bigger harness with larger dimensions. If you have a Pomeranian, then you may need to get a smaller and thinner harness. Make sure these harnesses are adjustable so you can make changes based on your dog's size. 

Once you've got the perfect harness, put it around your dog and test it out. If you and your dog enjoy and are happy with the harness, then keep using it. If you witness any skin irritation, then most likely the dog is allergic to the harness. You also want to make sure that the harness looks adorable on your puppy. If everything else fits perfectly, then you have a trusted harness by your side that you can use with fido at all times.

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