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The breathtaking photography that's saving our wildlife


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

The breathtaking photography that's saving our wildlife

Pioneering charity Wildlife For All are using stunning wildlife photography to fund their conservation works both home and abroad. Here's how you can help. 

Who are Wildlife For All?

Wildlife For All is a pioneering environmental charity with nature reserves in the UK and South Africa. In addition to conserving species and habitats, the charity provides important education for adults and young people.

Unusually, all the staff work as non-paid professionals so that money can be spent where it is most needed.

Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve
Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve, the charity's main conservation project

The charity's main conservation project is the spectacular Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve in South Africa. This reserve is over 30,000 acres—bigger than several national parks. Located in the Karoo region, Komsberg is in one of the world's biodiversity "hotspots" with an amazing range of plant and animal species. 

It's an outstanding example of what can be achieved by a small team with the right attitude. They believe that actions speak louder than words and place need before want.

Holding On

To help support its important work, Wildlife For All has published Holding On (above), a beautiful, top quality coffee table book. Tigers, lions, elephants, and wolves are all included, as well as rhinos and meerkats, beautifully photographed in their natural habitats. 

In addition to many amazing images, the book contains thought-provoking and heartfelt writing. Uniquely, 100 per cent of the proceeds go straight to the charity.


A selection of the stunning photography from Holding On:  

Two lions take a walk

lions on the road


A beautiful lone wolf 

cute baby wolf


The critically endangered tiger

critically endangered tiger


A Burchell's zebra and her foal

a zebra and her foal


A happy baby jackal

baby jackal


Shy rhino munching on some grass

shy rhino


A moment of peace for this tiger

happy tiger


All photography via Wildlife for All

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