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Proof that cats are good for your health

Proof that cats are good for your health

Woo-ooo, it’s Halloween and there’s no avoiding the pictures of black cats everywhere. But throw superstition out the window—it’s scientifically proven that cats are the purr-fect pet for your health

Your cat can cut your risk of heart disease



According to an American study, feline friends lower stress levels and blood pressure, and you’re less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke. The effect even extended to people who’d owned pussycats in the past. For this reason, cats are a perfect gift to seniors! Not only will they warm their hearts, but also keep them running smoothly. 


Purring helps heal muscles, bones and tendons


Yes, really! Research suggests that the sound your contented cat makes has a therapeutic effect. It’s all to do with the frequency, apparently. So, it's in your best interests to buy them a cat cave for Christmas!

Pussies’ purring falls within a frequency range that researchers have found to improve bone density and promote healing.

Say “hello kitty” for healthier children


There’s evidence that cats can help children with autism communicate better and be more assertive, and that babies have fewer respiratory and other infections when there’s a moggy around.

Children are also less likely to develop allergies.

Get a shot of feline feel-good factor



A Cats Protection survey found that 87 per cent of cat owners believed their pet had a positive effect on their sense of well-being and 76 per cent said that it helped them cope with everyday life.

Half of moggy masters and mistresses enjoyed the companionship, while a third found stroking their cat to be a calming activity.

Don’t own a cat or are allergic to them?


Don’t despair. A survey from the University of Indiana, in the US, found that people who watch cat videos—a popular online occupation—had more energy and were more positive afterwards, and felt fewer negative emotions, such as anxiety or irritation.

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