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How can I make my dog relax?

How can I make my dog relax?
Most dogs are hyperactive and alert by nature. Some breeds are an exception but generally speaking, dogs are quite excitable.
t gets worse if your dog has anxiety. If they're rescued, there's a higher chance that they have suffered some kind of trauma before you got them. In this case, it’s possible they experience anxiety from time to time.
Whether your dog is just hyperactive or has an anxiety disorder, calming them down or putting them to sleep at night may be a challenge. So, if you're asking yourself, "How can I make my dog relax?" this is the article for you. The facts included in this write-up are based on a study carried out on a few household dogs, using a Fitbark to measure and record results.

1. Put on the television

Social media has made us realise that even pets love to watch TV. Believe it or not, our dogs may also have their favourite TV shows. Studies carried out by Betway on a couple of house pets revealed that movies like Bridgerton and friends could help relax our dogs and give them a better chance of falling asleep.
It was observed that the dogs found sleeping at night  easier during or after watching Bridgerton. Whether it is the classical music or the soft hushed voices, the television show seems to calm anxious mutts down. The average sleep score was recorded as 90% after watching the show for one hour the previous night. Perhaps dogs love period romance movies too! Friends also yielded promising results as the average sleep score was recorded at 88% followed by Rick and Morty at 85%.
It is advised to avoid tuning thriller or horror-themed TV shows like stranger things and the witcher, which presented low scores of 77 and 75%. Ironically, watching Pup Academy was shown to give the dogs the most anxiety. Based on the study, the dogs showed a high anxiety score of 149 when watching the show. So, if you'd like your dog to have a good night's sleep, perhaps keep them away from Pup Academy.

2. Play some music

This study also showed that certain song genres helps dogs relax before bed and eventually sleep peacefully. Jazz, classical, and folk music proved to be the best genres for relaxing the dogs.
All dog owners know how challenging it can be to put our dogs to bed at night; they can be so alert that it becomes almost impossible to make them fall asleep. This excludes dogs that have an anxiety disorder or any other type of mental/emotional disorder. Thank goodness for jazz and classical music. This may just be the answer to your problems.
The study indicated that listening to folk music the previous night helps dogs get up to an 88% or 92% sleep score, which is pretty impressive. Listening to classical music indicated a little anxiety in tested dogs. However, it still presented an 87% sleep score, as did jazz music. So, if you'd like your dog to enjoy a calm evening and fall asleep easily, try using these three genres.

3. Take them for a walk

A nice relaxing walk in the park or around your neighbourhood is a great way to calm your dog. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes or hours of fresh air to help your dog beat the anxiety or hyperactivity. Getting all that pent-up energy out could give their minds and bodies some relief.
With these types of walks, you aren't just trying to help them empty their bowels, you're giving them a little more control. Some people call these walks sniffer walks; they get to stop and sniff the flowers, explore things that make them curious, and play with other dogs at the dog park. By the time you get home, they will be content and a bit tired from the walk and play. This way your dog can get a good and relaxing night of sleep.

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