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Does your cat really love you?

Does your cat really love you?

Here are eight undeniable signs that you've won your cat's heart. 

To ask whether your cat loves you assumes that cats feel the same emotions as us.

However if their behaviour involves trust, loyalty and gift giving, then our guess is your feline loves the bones of you.


1. Kneading you with their paws

Cat paws

This is what kittens do to help the mother produce milk. If you find your cat massaging your torso, then they are reverting to kittenhood and viewing you as a mother figure.


2. Showing you their stomach and/or staring at you

cat lying on back
These are indicators of trust. When they do this, cats are baring their most vulnerable area of their body. To maintain direct eye contact is very rare in the cat world unless you are a trusted human.

Stare back with slow blinks and watch how your gaze is reciprocated.  


3. Rubbing against you and head-butting you

Cat head-butting owner

Cats do this to spread their pheromones and show everyone else that you belong to them. And that includes your sofa, cushions, walls, carpets. You, your home and everything in it belongs to your cat.


4. Trying to learn your language

This video shows a man who has taught his cat sign language to ask for a treat. This intense kitty-interaction has to mean real love!


5. Twitching the tip of their tail

Cat tail
A twitchy tail can suggest irritation or anger, but if just the tip is flicking, then your cat is feeling utter bliss. See this happen in your company and you’ve got a smitten kitten on your hands.


6. Leaving you gifts

Cat brought gift mouse

We all know this one. It’s often more of an inconvenience than a pleasure, but when our pet felines leave us dead mice/frogs/birds on the doorstep it’s really a sign of true love.

This is how cats show their gratitude for the food we have given them.


7. Sleeping with you

Cat sleeping

Cats need to feel secure at all times which is why they often sleep with one eye half open, ready for any danger. If your cat takes a nap on your lap it's a sure sign that they feel completely safe with you.


8. Scratching your furniture

Cat scratching sofa

Another somewhat annoying symbol of love, this leaves a visual display of ownership.

If your cat scratches your chair the most, it is a sign that you are the most important person in their lives and they wish to mix their scent with yours and co-own/co-habitat.You’re in deep. It's true love.