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9 signs you are spoiling your cat


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

9 signs you are spoiling your cat

It's well known that Britain is a nation of cat lovers - but how many of us are putting our feline friends before ourselves?

Here are 9 signs that you are totally spoiling your cat.

 If your cat takes your seat and you let them have it

If you have a cat, then I'm sure you have definitely dealt with those times when you've got up from your seat to get something like a snack or a drink and when you return, your cat is happily ensonced in your spot, stealing all the warmth from your seat as soon as you had got up and cuddled into the spot you had vacated just seconds ago. If you want to know whether or not your pet is spoiled, did you let them have the place where you were sitting and move to a new chair or did you take them off your seat and sit back down? Yeah we thought so..

They come for cuddles whenever they please

Don’t you love it when your cat just barges in wherever you’re sitting for a quick cuddle session that quickly turns into nap-time? With zero concern as to what you’re doing, they just jump up on you and request the highest quality petting session. If you let your cat have its way, you already know you pamper him too much.

If your food is their food 

Another sign that your cat is suffering from “too-much-love” syndrome is when he always wants to share your food, no matter what you’re eating. They’ll come up to you and poke their nose in what you’re eating at each meal and are not interested in their veterinary suggested brands of the best dry cat food - deciding that all they want to do is to share your tuna sandwich - then you’re definitely giving them too much.

If you react to every meow

Responding to your cat every single time he meows can create a rod for your own back as he'll come to treat this as the norm and the meow will soon become a “I’m going to get whatever I want if I meow!”. It’s a one-way ticket to ensuring your cat feels super entitled and most definitely spolied! 

Having lots of toys that they ignore

When you’ve bought your cat a bunch of toys to keep it fun and entertaining in the household, but your cat ignores all of them, you’ll know he's getting pickier with what it wants. A big sign that your cat isbecoming spoiled is when he starts to nitpick everything he does and start having preferences instead of accepting any type of toy or play.

He sleeps in your bed



Some of the most heart-melting moments with your pet are when they show up next to you on your bed for a night time cuddle. He starts kneading the bed and making himself comfortable - in the middle of your pillow so you have to move - becuase you would defintely not move him! According to a study by ExcitedCats, 6% of pet owners reported that their pet frequently hinders intimate or alone time with their partner! If your cat is that territorial about your bed (or you), you may need to rethink your boundaries You choose your own discomfort rather than having your cat wake up definitely means you are babying your cat too much. 

Having a fancy cat bed

Cats will sleep on almost anything and don’t necessarily require their own beds. If your cat has his own bed or even his own bedroom then you are defintely spoiling him - but obviously love him too which is of course - no bad thing.  

Not moving around much

Staying in one particular spot is really common for cats, as they tend to prefer resting in certain places around the house. If your cat starts to slowly stop moving out of that one spot though, you’ll know it’s getting lazier as you tend to all of its needs. If your cat doesn’t need to move around the house anymore, it’s probably because you’re taking care of everything in terms of food, water and petting sessions all in the cat’s one spot rather than have it move around in them. 

Losing interest in the outside World

Once your cat becomes uninterested in the outside world, you know that the house is all they ever want to know. If the level of comfort  indoors stops them from being interested in all the things outside (which is not in a cats nature)  or he is getting to lazy to chase things these are strong signs he is being too spoilt.

*This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.


This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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