9 Dogs who made awesome life choices [Photos]

Man's best friend and philosophical muses, dogs are awesome and here's why...

Agatha Christie will only join the real world once her dogs feeling up to it

Dog Quote Agatha Christie


Woodrow Wilson's conscience is clear 

Woodrow Wilson Dog Quote


Charles M. Schulz, warm puppies all round!


Groucho Marx has an unusually intimate relationship with dogs...

Groucho Marx


Wanna feel like Napolean? Aldous Huxley knows how...

Aldous Huxley Dog Quote


Never feed a hungry man, Mark Twain warns!

Mark Twain Dog Quote


Milan Kundera's unbarkable lightness woofing (gee... that was tenuous)

Milan Kundra Dog Quote


Dogs vs Humans, Emily Dickenson knows what's best

Emily Dickenson Dog Quote


Sigmond Freud's interpretation of hounds, thankfully he left Oedipus out of it!

Sigmund Freud Dog Quote