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9 Adorable pieces of cat wisdom


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

9 Adorable pieces of cat wisdom

Humans and cats have lived side by side for a long time. We look to some of history's greatest writers and artists and their cat wisdoms. Prepare for cute...

Leonardo da Vinci, appreciating all the tiny things

The smallest feline is a masterpiece - Leonardo da Vinci


No place to hide from Ernest Hemingway's cat

A cat has absolute emotional honesty - Ernest Hemingway


Edgar Allan Poe mystified by feline charms

I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat - Edgar Allan-Poe


Jean Cocteau thinks homeliness is next to catliness

I love cats because I enjoy my home - Jean Cocteau


Oi, Charles Dickens! A cat's love is for life!

What greater gift than the love of a cat - Charles Dickens


Mark Twain's man/cat hybrid is potentially the dream

If a man could be crossed with a cat - Mark Twain


Colette discovers the cat-time continuum 

Time spent with a cat is never wasted - Colette


Charles Bukowski, an early adopter of cat therapy

when I am feeling low all I have to do is watch my cats - Charles Bukowski


Bobbie Ann Mason is a cat

One day I was counting the cats and I counted myself - Bobbie Ann Mason