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7 Reasons why your dog needs a drying coat

7 Reasons why your dog needs a drying coat

From keeping them warm to easing anxiety and arthritis, this is why you should consider getting a dry coat for your dog

You’ll be surprised at the many ways you can use a towelling dog robe, whether you have a brand-new pup, a boisterous canine companion or an older dog with health issues, a drying coat can be the answer to all sorts of problems. For wet dogs they’re clearly a must-have, but did you know these versatile coats can also be used for warming, cooling, calming and easing pain?

Ruff and Tumble’s unique towelling robes, for example, are made from two layers of natural cotton towelling and work by wicking moisture away from fur and into the outer layer, keeping your pet warm and comfortable as they dry. And thanks to their high-quality, breathable cotton and a clever design that hugs your dog’s body, they are comforting for anxious or stressed dogs, can help with arthritis and can be used to maintain a healthy temperature, whether during a cold winter’s night or on a hot summer’s day. They they look really smart, too!

1. Give them a quick dry after a shampoo or a hydrotherapy session

It’s time-consuming and sometimes difficult to dry a dog after you’ve given them a bath or taken them for hydrotherapy. Many dogs are terrified of hair dryers, and one bad experience with them can put dogs off baths forever.

"A drying coat is easy to use and quick to put on—and you don’t have to dry the dog, because they dry themselves"

By contrast, after an initial rub down to remove the drips, a drying coat is easy to use and quick to put on—and you don’t have to dry the dog, because they dry themselves.

2. Get your dog clean and dry after a muddy walk, a dip in the river or a day on the beach

Why your dog needs a drying coat—labrador in a Ruff and Tumble drying coatPhoto: Ruff and Tumble

Say goodbye to splashes along your hallway or a wet and smelly car boot. You can also throw away that old towel, which doesn’t do the job properly anyway. Instead, after your dog has enjoyed a winter walk, a swim or a run along the beach, a drying coat will dry them quickly and easily.

Ruff and Tumble’s double layer of towelling keeps musty smells, sand and mud locked in, and has a deep neck to dry the ears, with a wide belly flap for maximum coverage. Stitched tucks and Velcro fastenings ensure comfort, ease of movement and a close fit for ultra-fast drying (choose from 17 sizes to suit virtually every breed), and generous coverage ensures protection of furniture and paintwork.

Your dog can walk around the house, eat and sleep as they dry in their robes, leaving you free to do other jobs.

3. Keep them warm in the boot of your car or on a cold night

If you’ve driven somewhere for a winter’s walk and your dog gets soaked, it’s important to keep them warm and dry—especially if you have errands to run before you go home. Over time, being cold can adversely affect your pet’s joints, and it’s painful for arthritic dogs too.

"Over time, being cold can adversely affect your pet’s joints, and it’s painful for arthritic dogs too"

Dogs can also feel the cold overnight, especially if they’re elderly or short-haired, or sleep in an unheated room. A towelling coat will dry and warm your dog and, because it’s soft, stretchy and breathable, it’s safe and comfortable for them to wear and sleep in.

4. Ease the pain of canine arthritis

Four out of five older dogs will suffer from arthritis and, if your four-pawed friend is having problems, keeping them dry and warm is a must (this is also recommended by vets for delaying joint problems later in life).

If your dog has difficulties with movement, be sure to choose a drying coat that’s easy to put on and take off. Ruff and Tumble’s coats are popped over the head and fastened with Velcro—no awkward legs, clips, or ties.

5. Calm them down if they’re scared or anxious

Scruffy dog in a drying coat
Photo: Ruff and Tumble

A well-fitting drying coat has a swaddling effect, which can help an anxious dog to feel warm, cosy and comforted. If they’re scared of car trips, for example, a towelling robe can help your dog feel secure and cared for, taking the edge off their stress.

If they don’t like noise (thunder and fireworks are frequent triggers) you can pop on a drying coat, perhaps warmed on the radiator first, and fasten it securely round the middle. If they are happy with the hood over the ears, fasten there, too. Ruff and Tumble’s double-layered, thick cotton towelling coat will make them feel more safe and secure, while the hoody over the ears helps reduce the noise.

6. Help with post-operative care

Any dog that’s just had an operation is likely to be feeling stressed and vulnerable, and perhaps in some discomfort. Wrap a drying coat around them for a little bit of extra warmth and security.

"If they’re tempted to nibble at stitches the coat can help by making them harder to get at"

If they’re tempted to nibble at stitches the coat can help by making them harder to get at, too.

7. Cool them down in hot weather

Hot weather can be extremely dangerous for dogs, and if you’re concerned about overheating there’s a trick you can do after a walk that can really help.

Simply soak your towelling coat in cold water and pop it on your dog for an instant cool-down. Remember to re-soak as necessary if the warmth persists.

For further information on dog drying coats, visit Ruff and Tumble dog coats. 

Banner photo: Ruff and Tumble

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