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3 Animals doing their bit for charity


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

3 Animals doing their bit for charity

We all know that our four-legged friends have hearts of gold and make our lives better in all kinds of ways. Animals all over the world are taking this one step further and proving they have what it takes to help those in need. Here are three individuals who love to lend a hand (or paw!)

1. London Jack


Image source
Via Natural History Museum
There is a long history of animals raising money for charity. During the Victorian era, dogs often helped raise money for a number of charities throughout the UK. Probably the most famous of these dogs was London Jack. He walked around London Paddington station with a box attached to his back, winning the hearts of passengers and encouraging them to part with their pennies. He volunteered from 1894 until 1900 and raised around £250 for orphans of railwaymen who had died at work and an additional £200 for other charities. Even after his death he continued to raise funds as he was taxidermied and placed in a glass box at the entrance to the station. You can still visit London Jack today, on display at the Natural History Museum at Tring, along with 88 other important historical domestic dogs.

2. Miguel and Ivor


Image source
Via Save the Children
Celebrities also have a long history of raising money for charity, so it should come as no surprise that celebrity dogs do their bit too! Miguel the chihuahua and Ivor the patterdale terrier donned jumpers to help Save the Children promote their Christmas Jumper Day. Ivor has appeared on television and in the theatre, as Sandy in 'Annie: The Musical'. Miguel has appeared in advertisements for both MTV and Diesel, as well as starring alongside Harry Hill. They were the obvious choice for Save the Children, encouraging millions of people to wear a Christmas jumper and donate £1 to charity. So far they have raised over £4 million for children all over the world, and what's more, Ivor and Miguel have encouraged dogs all over Britain to join their owners for the day, encouraging thousands of canine fundraisers!

3. Rojo the Llama and friends


Via Rojo the Llama
It's not just dogs who have charitable hearts. In Portland, Oregon, Rojo the Llama and his friends Smokey, Beni, and Napoleon, are therapy llamas and alpacas. The group visit hospitals, elderly care homes, schools, universities, and community events to both raise money and to help those in need. All of the animals have completed their Animal-Assisted Therapy Certification and are fully trained to work amongst vulnerable people. Like other therapy animals, they provide emotional support for those who need it. A diverse range of animals all over the world including cats, dogs, bunnies, rats, and lizards have worked hard to gain a similar certification. These animals lend their loving hearts to millions of people, calming them down, providing companionship and even helping kids learn to read by lending a non-judgmental ear. Rojo brings joy, comfort, and lots of smiles to people with disabilities, mental health problems, stressed out students, and anyone else who can benefit from a loving hug and kiss from a friendly llama.