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21 Animals who are madly in love


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

21 Animals who are madly in love

Whether you're furry or scaly, live on land or in sea, love is everywhere. Take a look at these animals who prove you don't have to be human to experience true love.

1. These two are inseperable. Literally. He's stuck right on there.


2. SNUGS! (No you can't join in!)

Spooning Cats


3. "You got something on yer cheek... oh no it's a kiss... mwah"

Foxes in love


5. Two kings, one love

Lions in love


6. "Your breath smells like fish!" "Yours too!" "Cool!"

Seals in love


7. "I love you, Deer" "I love you too, Deer" 

Deers in love


8. SMOOCH! "Stop it they're looking at u-us!"

hippos in love


9. "Gerr-off!"

Cat kisses


10. This is a moo-ving scene.

cow love


11. "Got your nose"

elephant love


12. A-kissy-kissy-kiss-kiss... "Heeeheeeheee. Tickley!"

penguin love


13. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all

swans in love


14. "You are my happy ending"

Penguins holding hands


15. "This is ma significant otter"

otters in love


16. Ruffling feathers, in a good way

birds in love


17. These two only have eyes for each other. *squeals*

horses in love


18. Squishy face! 


19. "Not tonight, love, I've a headache"

panda bear love


20. Orangey-kiss

monkey love


21. Boing-mwah, boing-mwah, boing-mwah

kangaroo love


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