10 Photos of animals in tiny jumpers

Feeling the chill? You're not alone. These animals are keeping toasty thanks to the magic of some very keen knitting needles. Now that's what I call furless fashion…

1. You've goat to be kidding me

goat in a jumper
Image via Bored Panda


2. A jumper for a jumper

Image via Bored Panda


3. "Holidays? Alpaca my festive sweater…"

Image via Bored Panda


4. Who is the knitter for this tiny critter?

hamster in a jumper
Image via Pleated Jeans


5. When puppy fat isn't enough to keep you warm…

puppy jumper
Image via Pinterest


6. That jumper is the mane attraction!

horse in a jumper
Image via Pinterest


7. "I'll just slither into something more comfortable…"

snake kjumper
Image via Very Hangry


8. Here we goat again…

goats in jumpers
Image via Daily Mail


9. Pigs can (look) fly

pig in a jumper
Image via Pleated Janes


10. Stegatortoise

tortoises in jumpers
Image via Very Hangry


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