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10 Nice things to do with my pet’s ashes


11th Jan 2022 Animals & Pets

Losing a beloved family pet can be very traumatic. The emotional impact of the death of a pet cannot be ignored.

When trying to choose between pet cremation or burial, there are many factors to consider. The size of the pet, where you live, and what services are offered by your vet will all influence your choice. An important thing to keep in mind is the emotional impact this choice will have on you and your family.

Choosing to bury the pet limits your memorial options. It also creates one final resting place for your pet. Should you move house in the future, you’ll only take the memorial stone with you. Younger members of the family may feel they are leaving the pet behind. Choosing cremation offers a wide range of options to help you properly memorialise your pet.

What should you do with a cat’s ashes or a dog’s ashes?

Pets are considered part of the family, so it can be difficult to know what to do with their ashes. Most people would like the option of scattering the ashes in a pet’s favourite place. However, some people may not want this for various reasons.

If you want to keep the ashes in your house, there are many different ways to display them. For example, you could keep them in an urn or bury them in a garden or park with other pet memorials.

If you don’t want any ceremony, you can also ask your vet to take care of the body. They don’t have to return the remains to you. Instead, you might choose to memorialise your pet with a paw print, a tattoo or a lock of their hair. The following ideas are all beautiful options for laying your beloved pet to rest.

Scatter the ashes in their favourite place


Some people prefer to scatter their pet’s ashes in their garden then plant flowers or shrubs, while others prefer to scatter them at a scenic spot or beside a favourite tree. Taking one last walk with your dog can be a beautiful and symbolic way to say goodbye.

Some people choose to take their pet’s ashes up into the mountains, where they can scatter them in a peaceful location. Most public parks won’t have a problem with you scattering the ashes, provided you choose a quiet spot.

Bury the ashes in your garden


If your pet had a favourite spot in the garden, you could bury their ashes in an urn and create a memorial to them using flowers and plants. Dedicating a place in your garden to your pet is the perfect way to say goodbye.

Make sure you plant lots of beautiful flowers to cheer you up every time you remember your pet. For example, you could plant roses, lavender, tulips or lilacs to create a memorial that flowers every year.

Keep the ashes in an urn


Some people choose not to scatter their pet’s ashes and instead keep them in an urn at home. However, keeping your pet’s ashes close might bring you some comfort. You could choose a decorative urn specially designed for pets to make a beautiful display. Keep the ashes alongside your favourite photo of your pet so you can reminisce about the good times.

Add your pet’s ashes to jewellery


If you want to feel close to your pet at all times, you can get your pet’s ashes and add them to jewellery. This jewellery is also called cremation jewellery or remembrance jewellery.

It is possible to make beautiful cremation jewellery from your pet’s ashes. You can choose to turn them into a bracelet, a pendant or even a ring.

Pet ashes jewellery is very special as it contains the remains of the one who brought so much joy and comfort into your life. You can wear it as an everlasting reminder that your beloved animal companion will always be with you, no matter where you are.

Plant the ashes with a tree


Planting your pet’s ashes with a tree is a beautiful and touching way to create a lasting memorial. As the tree grows, you’ll have a spot to return to and remember your pet. This type of memorial is also a great way to help children to understand the circle of life.

You can purchase special root ball urns that allow you to place the ashes inside and then plant the tree in the ground. The tree will gain nutrients from the ashes, allowing your beloved pet to go back into the earth.

Add the ashes or fur to a Christmas ornament


Your first Christmas without your pet will always be more difficult. Pets become an important part of family celebrations, and we notice their absence more when families get together.

Turning your pet’s ashes into a glass Christmas ornament is a beautiful way to continue to include them in the celebrations. Fused glass artists can create clear and opaque glass ornaments in various colours and then engrave them with a special message.

Turn the ashes into a piece of art


If you want to liven up the walls of your home while memorialising your pet at the same time, why not have their ashes added to a piece of fused glass wall art?

Glass wall art is made up of small pieces of glass that are fused together to create beautiful shapes and patterns. The ashes are scattered within the piece and can be seen in the design. Only a small amount of ashes are needed for this type of memorial.

Add the ashes to a paperweight


You could also keep your pet’s ashes close by when you’re at work by having them made into a paperweight. Again, lots of different options are available, including glass or clay paperweights.

This type of memorial can be carved and engraved with your pet’s name, their “gotcha day”, and the date of their death. A paperweight is a discreet option for keeping your pet close by in your office or your home.

Add the ashes to paint for a portrait


A talented cremation ashes artist will be able to turn the ashes into a stunning portrait of your pet. You simply give them a photo of your pet and a small amount of ashes. They add the ashes to paint and then create a memorial portrait.

Having a custom portrait of your pet in your home is a great way to hold on to their memory. The portrait will likely become a beloved family heirloom.

Add the ashes to a garden stone


Mixing the ashes with cement will allow you to turn them into a beautiful decorative stone for your garden. You could get extra creative and have them moulded into a concrete statue of your pet. Place this in your garden, and you’ll get to remember them every time you glance outside.

If you move home, you can take the stone with you, so you never have to worry about leaving your beloved pet behind. It’s common for families to have multiple pets over the years, so you could memorialise all of your pets this way. You’ll always have a spot to enjoy a quiet moment of reflection.

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