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10 Animals who are winning Movember


1st Jan 2015 Animals & Pets

10 Animals who are winning Movember

These moustachioed critters are all set for Movember—have you started growing your tash yet?

1. Small but mighty

tiny dog with tash
Image via Tumblr


2. Prickly hairs

hedgehod with moustache
Image via Cute Animals Are Cool blog


3. Natural style


4. Bear-ly pulling it off

bear tash
Image via VK


5. Cool for cats

 tash cat
Image via One Green Planet


6. Monkeying around


7. Hanging cool

Monkey tash
Image via Pinterest



8. Feather faced

bird tash
Image via Pinterest


9. The purr-fect 'tash

kitten tash


10. His lips are sealed (with facial fuzz)

Seal tash
Image via Rebloggy


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