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Unleash your creativity


25th Jan 2022 100-Word-Story Competition

Unleash your creativity

At Serious Readers we understand that the creative mind requires many factors to function properly.

Creativity and inspiration can often strike when we least expect it, and vanish fleetingly when we feel we most need it. Inspiration demands attention, at any hour of the day; that’s why Serious Lights utilise a special technology that allows us to closely replicate natural daylight and bring it indoors. This means that wherever you are, and whatever time it is, you can write like you are bathed in a pool of natural sunshine.

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.” ― Lisa See

Every author will tell you that the key to becoming a skilled writer is to immerse yourself in reading. Reading expands your vocabulary, teaches you narrative structure, and provides a window to worldviews beyond your own. Time spent in front of a page is vital for any aspiring wordsmith, and the longer you read, the better prepared you are to write. But many people struggle with reading for long periods of time. They experience blurred vision, headaches, difficulty concentrating and sore or dry eyes. These are symptoms of what is commonly known as eyestrain. A Serious Light works with your eyes to reduce these symptoms and allow you the freedom to read and write for as long as you desire.

“A writer is a world trapped in a person.” — Victor Hugo

Books often provide us with a sense of freedom. The common phrase “get lost in a book” alludes to the sensation of allowing the world around you to fade away while the words on the page become a world inside your head. That feeling of freedom shouldn’t be hampered by tired and sore eyes. Most readers spend the majority of their time under some form of artificial light. This is where the problem starts. Most artificial light sources are not designed with your eyes in mind and will cause your eyes to overstrain and become tired and irritated much faster. A Serious Light is built with Daylight Wavelength Technology™ which works to mitigate the harsh blue light spike found in most artificial lights, and provide you with a more natural and supportive beam of light. Visual acuity is the key to longevity in reading. With a Serious Light you will  experience sharper text, vivid colour, and breathtaking clarity, allowing you to read and write for as long as you desire.

The High Definition Our best reading light, with new revolutionary LED technology. From £349.99

The HD is our flagship light. Powerful and fully adjustable, it boasts our highest colour accuracy rating, scoring a 99/100 on the Colour Rendering Index.

What this means is that you will be able to see every word and image in vivid clarity, as if you were reading under a pool of pure, natural light.

For those living with an eye condition, our HD Light can be very beneficial and has helped many people with AMD, Cataracts, and Glaucoma, due to its daylight quality, adjustable focus and intuitive dimming function. 

The Alex Light Our mid-range light, the Alex Light supports your vision with bespoke technology that replicates the makeup of natural daylight. From £249.99

Benefiting from the latest high-performance LED technology, the Alex Light supports your eyes, and gives them the help they need to read small print for longer.

Serious Lights are designed to focus all of their luminescence onto your page, providing you with a powerful and targeted beam of natural light.

The intuitive dimmer function allows you to personalise the light to suit your eyes and the ambient conditions. The wide beam pattern is perfect for reading materials such as books and newspapers.

The Classic Light - Our original light. Designed specifically for reading smaller books. From £149.99

The light that started it all. The Classic Light is designed to be less intense than our other ranges, with a deliberately narrow beam pattern focusing directly onto your book rather than around the room.

If you have no eye conditions, primarily read books, and are looking for a light with a focused beam, the Classic Light is ideal.

The perfect bedside reading light, the Classic Light supports your eyes and allows you to comfortably read for much longer than with an ordinary light thanks to its innovative Daylight Wavelength Technology™.

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer – Click here to see the Serious Range

Order a High Definition or Alex Light and receive a free Compact Light that boasts an intense, cool white LED light. Enjoy the flexibility of a small yet powerful light.

Quote code: 100W3 to receive your free light.

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