Spring into action and write your life story

Everyone has a story to tell. Tell yours by creating a LifeBook, an autobiography that will last for generations.

What are LifeBooks?

life book

LifeBook is a bespoke autobiography service that uses professional ghostwriters and interviewers to allow people of all ages to tell their own story in their own voice and in their own words.

Each LifeBook author has specific and personal reasons for creating a written account of their life; for some a LifeBook might be a way of recording a world that’s all but disappeared, for others it might be the chance to relate tales of youth and derring-do.

However, the one thing that LifeBook authors have in common is a desire to share their thoughts, experiences, and ethos for living (some perhaps never before recounted) with those closest to them.


Who writes a LifeBook?

who writes a lifebook

Everyone and anyone! LifeBook authors come from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. LifeBook believes everyone has a story to tell, and this is borne out by authors who relate varied and fascinating tales of what’s essentially modern social history in the making.

Common themes include growing up in the Second World War, employment and business in what was a very different kind of workplace, life in the services or abroad, bringing up children in a bygone era, or anecdotes and stories that have gone down in family lore.

But perhaps what makes the LifeBook experience so special is the pleasure authors say they feel in simply recalling and talking about their lives and achievements as they relive, over a series of face-to-face sessions, the events and relationships that have shaped them as people.

At the end of a LifeBook project, each author receives five beautiful linen-bound and stitched books containing the stories and photos they have selected for the enjoyment of not only their family and friends, but also of generations to come.

Why not spring into action right now and start writing your life story for your family today? To discover more about the LifeBook experience, call on 0800 999 2280 or email digest@lifebookuk.com

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