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How one man's legacy can help you create your own


1st Jan 2015 100-Word-Story Competition

How one man's legacy can help you create your own

Roy Moëd, the founder of LifeBook, talks about the experiences with his father that led him to set up the company.

A very personal journey

My father Jules was almost blind in his latter days and felt he had nothing more to contribute. I found myself continually shutting him down when he started a story, to the point that our conversation dried up. I drove back to the office feeling terrible and like I had achieved the very opposite of my intention to cheer him up. 

Desperate to find a solution I asked my friend, Kathy, to visit dad for an hour each week at a set time to interview him, to get the stories I was too impatient to listen to and ask him, “What happened next?” and, “How did you feel about…?”

Dad eagerly looked forward to his interviews, spending the intervening days planning the chapters of his life story and making notes in preparation for Kathy’s next visit.

Dad even said he was remembering things he didn’t know he’d forgotten and his book was full of stories we had never even heard! My company, LifeBook, now proudly delivers hundreds of beautifully presented autobiographies to families all over the world.

Life books

Creating a legacy

We all have our own personal memories and stories that make up our lives. Whether it’s childhood memories, family experiences or a rewarding career, everyone has a story to tell for their families. LifeBook provides a legacy that lives on for generations, celebrating a life lived and shared with everyone in it.

Using face-to-face interviews we help to rediscover the many stories and experiences that have shaped people's lives. Their words and photographs are then transformed into beautifully illustrated personal autobiographies.

Authors are supported at every step of their journey by their own dedicated team made up of a project manager, interviewer, ghostwriter and editor and will end up with five beautiful hard-backed books to share.


Now it’s your turn to have a legacy. To discover more about the LifeBook experience, how we can help you write your very own autobiography and how it can benefit you and those you know and love, just call us on 0800 999 2280 or email us at digest@lifebookuk.com


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