100-word-story competition: Vote for the winning under 12

Reader's Digest Editors 

From thousands of entries to just three, our editorial team has chosen the shortlist for the under 12s category of our 100-word-story competition, now it's up to you to vote for the winner. 

Game of Scones

by Quinn Williams, 11

"I sat among my arch enemies: biscuits, cakes and worst of all—eclairs. I'm a scone (for those of you who don't know what a scone is, it is a crumbly thing that posh British people eat with jam and cream while holiding a cup of tea and going, 'ahhh.')

It was almost time. The big moment—the afternoon tea. We sat on the tables, people started filing in. 

The eclairs were instantly snagged by the children—classic manouvere there. The adults nibbled on… biscuits? This wasn't right. 

After forty sad minutes, I was thrown away. No one likes scones."



The Storm

by Layla Farmer, 10

"This day, when the storm awakens, the black cat rises out of the sea. With foam shaping in its jaws, it slashes its talons at the raging waters, waves forming and hitting the land like a bullet. 

Fishermen's ships cascade into the depths of the water, never to be seen again. The young lads at the sea-shore yell and dive for cover, but it is too late.

Waves crash over, pulling them into the blue world below, but they escape just in time, for the black cat pounces onto the pier. Boats scatter, and the black cat settles to rest."


Why Cats and Dogs Aren't Friends

by Fiona Stewart, 10

"Some years ago, though you may not believe it, cats and dogs were best friends. However, one day Kitty (a cat) suggested that they play Scrabble since they were al lazily lying around. 

Everyone agreed. Usually, animals play games that are in their own language, but on this occasion, they decided to play with an English version instead. 

Dogs learn commands from humans and because of this the dogs knew more English, so they won and the cats lost. 

They left no longer friends but now worst enemies, all because of one game. And that is why cats hate dogs."

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Game of Scones by Quinn Williams
The Storm by Layla Farmer
Why Cats and Dogs Aren't Friends by Fiona Stewart