Why swimming is good for you

Susannah Hickling 7 August 2017

Six reasons to make you jump in the nearest pool!

1. You get a full-body workout

It would take you 45 minutes exercising on land to do the same amount of good as you can do in 30 minutes in the water.


2. It helps you lose weight

Even a gentle swim can burn 200 calories in half an hour. Paddle vigorously and you’ll burn even more.


3. You'll get fit wihtout getting sweaty

All that water sloshing around will keep you cool in the pool. And although chlorine might not be your favourite perfume, at least you won’t have to wash your eau de BO-infused kit.


4. It's kind to your joints

Swimming is the perfect activity if you’re injured, have arthritis, or aren’t very mobile for other reasons. It’s gentle on your joints because it’s a non-weight-bearing exercise, and the water supports you.


5. It's good for your mental health

Regular light swimming will reduce stress levels and relieve anxiety and depression. And it’s a lot better for you than popping pills.


6. You'll sleep better at night 

Doing lengths of the pool will not only help you to chill out, but it will also wear you out. After all that hard work, you should sleep like a baby.


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