Use CBD oil to manage COVID-19 anxiety and stress

Use CBD oil to manage COVID-19 anxiety and stress
Are you struggling with Coronavirus-related anxiety? You’re not alone! We all struggle with stress, anxiety, and fear during these uncertain times. 
We live in very stressful times due to the on-going Coronavirus pandemic. From money worries to the fear of getting infected or losing a loved one, these are all thoughts that can take your spirit down.  
With the number of coronavirus cases rising in the UK and experts warning that getting the virus is as easy as talking to an infected person or going to the supermarket, it’s easy to feel panicked. 
In fact, according to a government survey, nearly 47% of adults in the UK struggle with anxiety problems due to the pandemic. Moreover, 84% of people surveyed reported that they are feeling worried about the effects the virus has on their life, and 53% claim that the virus is affecting their wellbeing. Particularly, the “high levels” of anxiety were reported by those whose income fell due to the consequences of the virus, including lockdown. 
So, what’s your lockdown coping mechanism? You have none or feel like nothing helps you calm down? Why not try CBD oil to relieve anxiety and relax?  
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Am I experiencing anxiety? 

All of us tend to feel anxious from time to time for a number of reasons, including job stress, financial worries, or everyday problems. Yet, none of us had to stress about a pandemic and its effects ever before. So, what we are experiencing during these uncertain times took all of us by surprise. 
Unfortunately, if left untreated for a long time, anxiety can develop into other more severe conditions that will require specialised treatment such as panic disorder, phobias, post-traumatic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. 
Maybe anxiety is something new for you as well, especially at such high levels. So, how do you make the difference between worries and anxiety?
One significant aspect that makes the difference is the fact that we tend to experience worry in our heads, by constantly thinking about the things that stress us. Yet, anxiety is often experienced in the body as well. Experts explain that symptoms of anxiety can include headaches, a faster heartbeat, feeling tense, insomnia, problems focusing, and inability to enjoy free time.
 Now, the difference between simple worries and anxiety as a mental health condition is made by how often you experience such symptoms and how much they interfere with your everyday life. Experts also believe that worry creates mild emotional distress that eventually leads to problem-solving, whereas anxiety is less amenable to problem-solving. 
Do you recognise anxiety in yourself now? If yes, here’s how CBD oil can help you manage it:

CBD explained 

If you’ve never heard about CBD before the pandemic, we are almost sure that you have heard a lot about it during the pandemic. That’s because many people turned to this natural remedy for support with their COVID-19-related anxiety problems. 
CBD tends to provoke a lot of mixed opinions. In other words, some people say it might be the holy grail of anxiety solutions, whereas others question its ability to do anything at all. 
Now, despite those mixed opinions, there are lots of scientific studies that suggest that CBD might be a miraculous natural remedy. Scientists think of CBD products extracted from the cannabis plant or hemp flower as an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, epilepsy, depression and anxiety. However, it is essential to note that CBD is not an actual treatment that can cure these medical issues but rather a treatment that may help alleviate their symptoms. 

But how can CBD help with my anxiety? 

Several scientific studies have suggested that CBD has antidepressant-like effects by impacting the brain’s natural receptors for serotonin. Now, just to make things clear, serotonin is the neurotransmitter in the human body that is responsible for moods and social behaviour. 
But let’s eliminate any risk of misconception as well. Using CBD won’t give the “high” feeling you know that cannabis gives. Despite its provenience from the hemp or cannabis plant, CBD is the natural compound that doesn’t have psychoactive effects of that kind. However, it would be wrong to say that it doesn’t have psychoactive effects at all because it has antipsychotic and antidepressant-like effects, which indicates that it is a mood-altering substance. So, the best way to refer to the psychoactive effects of CBD is to say that it doesn’t have the intoxicating effects of THC, the other prevalent compound found in the cannabis plant. 

How to choose the right CBD product?

If you think about trying CBD to manage your anxiety, you surely have lots of questions about using it from the type of product to choose, dosage, and it’s regulatory status. 
First things first, let’s take this out of your mind: CBD is entirely legal in the UK. However, it must contain no THC. So, when purchasing CBD products, make sure that the seller ensures that the products have no more than 0,03% THC. By doing so, you have nothing to worry about the products regulatory status. 
Next, choosing the right product is a very personal choice. CBD comes in a number of forms, including oil, capsules, edibles, drinks, or vape. Obviously, each of the types has its own benefits. For example, CBD capsules don’t require dosing and CBD oil often have the highest concentration, whereas CBD gummers are easy to eat. 
As for the “ideal” dosage, once again is a matter of personal choice. It will depend on your weight, age, medical condition, and obviously, product type. You can ask your doctor for advice on dosage, or you can also use an online dosage calculator to estimate the ideal dosage for you. However, once you actually start using CBD products, you will be able to determine whether you should increase or decrease the dosage. 
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