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Turkey's fight against obesity

Turkey's fight against obesity

Obesity is a growing phenomenon in countries like Turkey. A study by the World Health Organization suggests that 51% of men and 25% of women will fall under the category of ‘obese’ by 2030. Obesity increases physical and mental problems, thereby affecting the quality of life. The alarming increase in obesity has pushed people to look for an immediate cure. Health experts in Turkey believe that the major risk factors associated with obesity include lack of physical activity, age, gender, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

Turkey is home to about 76.7 million people with a growing economy. The country has witnessed an alarming increase in the prevalence and problem of obesity among young people. According to expertsat Clinic Center, obesity is a global phenomenon, and it has become an epidemiological emergency in Turkey.  The high prevalence of this disease among young people is an eye-opener and drastic measures are required to prevent the possible side effectsof this growing condition. 

Public health awareness and increased physical activity are two significant elements that can help the country fight against the epidemiological emergency. The concerned authorities have presented different solutions regarding its prevention. Many believe that a balanced diet can be a viable option to avoid the widespread disease among Turkish nationals.

Among other weight loss solutions, Gastric Sleeve Surgery has been a possible solution for people who have tried weight loss methods without long-term results. The surgical process restricts one’s food intake, leading to weight loss—the process of laparoscopic surgery, with small openings in the upper abdomen. The rest of the stomach is eliminated. What remains is a thin tube called a sleeve. Food discharges from the bottom of the stomach into the small intestine, like before surgery. Once the surgery is completed, the patient will feel full after consuming a smaller portion.

Clinic Center, a Turkey-based clinic, has emerged as a go-to solution for Turkish nationals suffering from obesity. Home to many certified health professionals, Clinic Center, provides pre-operative and post-operative solutions to patients. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a complex surgical process that might lead to several complications. Surgeons believe that, in some cases, it might lead to infections, internal bleeding, and blood clotting. The Turkish clinic aims to provide people with adequate information and guidance to help them understand the changes that might occur after the surgery.

People opting for Gastric Sleeve Surgery must understand that the consequences might differ according to the body type. It’s necessary to consult with a health professional to understand the changes that might occur in one’s body. People at Clinic Center ensure they offer patients feasible solutions to minimize health risks. The idea is to provide patients with the right pre-operative and post-operative protocols. With a predicted increase in obesity by 2030, the Turkish clinic aims to educate and assist patients with all the available options.

With a presence in London and Izmir, Clinic Center has been offering various gastric surgeries including Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Gastric Bypass Surgery. The clinic relies on the brilliance of people like Dr. Ahmet Ziya Balta, who has spent years conducting hundreds of gastric surgeries. He has been a major contributor to Clinic Center, helping patients free themselves of obesity and address other factors related to the disease. Doctors provide a detailed evaluation of the patient’s health before proceeding with the surgical procedures.

Established in 2015, Clinic Center has been a major contributor to the medical field. The Turkey-based clinic is home to certified health professionals offering health solutions such as hair transplants, plastic surgery, and cosmetic dentistry treatments at an affordable price. Clinic Center has been registered in the United Kingdom since 2020. It remains the only company providing aftercare services when patients return to their cities on the island.

Clinic Center’s modern approach is patient-oriented, with surgeons and professionals offering support around the clock. Clinic Center has secured various awards and recognition for professional patient support services. The Turkish health service provider is the only medical tourism company that made it to the TIM 100 Turkey’s Largest Service Exporters list. It’s also been ranked 7th among Turkey's top healthcare service exporters and chain hospitals in 2021.

With modern surgical methods and technology, Gastric Sleeve Surgery can be a game changer for the Turkish population. However, it’s advisable to consider all key elements before making the final call. The reason behind the popularity of Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the recovery time. Gastric Sleeve Surgery has a greater success rate than other gastric surgeries, with minimum risks involved. Clinic Center’s commitment to guiding people suffering from obesity is a step in the right direction. As a premier health service, it has become a go-to solution for the Turkish population against obesity. It’s safe to assume that with services like Clinic Center, Turkey would manage to win this long battle against obesity.

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