Top fitness trends of 2022


1st Nov 2021 Wellbeing

Top fitness trends of 2022

With so much focus on our health and wellbeing during the pandemic than ever before, more of us are becoming more mindful of how we work out and stay healthy.

Below, Matt Flanagan, CEO from the UK’s largest provider of electric bikes presents the top 10 fitness trends of 2022, according to Google trend data analysis. Flanagan also offers advice on how to incorporate the trends into your current workout routine.

By Matt Flanagan, CEO from E-Bikes Direct


Exercising outdoors – seen an 8200% uplift in searches since the end of 2021

With so much time spent indoors during most of the pandemic, one of the biggest predicted fitness trends of 2022 is to embrace nature and move our workouts to the great outdoors, as Flanagan explains. “There is a vast amount of evidence which shows that exercising outdoors is not only proven to help enhance your workout, but also boost your mental wellbeing. As little as 30 minutes spent in nature leads to reduced stress and anxiety levels and even enhanced performance and stamina.”

Even if you live in a more urban area, with less easy access to greenery and nature, exercising outdoors still boasts huge health benefits to your workout. “When outside, even if the sun is not shining, you will still benefit from your body producing vitamin D, which has been proven to help boost endorphins and risk chance of heart disease,” Flanagan explains. “However, it is still important to keep in mind you must wear a suitable SPF of at least 15 to avoid risk of skin cancer.”

Low intensity workouts – “low intensity exercise” saw a 9900% uplift

Despite high intensity workouts remaining popular throughout the years, many are favouring low intensity workouts, which still offer high impact results. “Low intensity exercise is great for those who are getting back into exercise after a long break or those who are just getting started in their fitness journey,” Flanagan explains. “Low intensity workouts are also good for those who are recovering from tougher workouts but still need to remain active, while reducing their risk of injury.”

Generally speaking, low intensity workouts are safer to do and still offer the health and fitness benefits you would expect from exercising. Example of low intensity exercises which are fun and efficient include light jogging, cycling at a steady pace and some yoga routines.

Mindful exercising – “mindful exercise” saw a 9300% uplift

An ever-growing trend which has boasted a huge increase in the last year alone are mindful and holistic exercises, which focus on mental wellbeing over exercising. “Workouts which are known for reducing anxiety and stress, such as yoga, tai chi and Pilates, have seen a huge increase in popularity since the pandemic began,” Flanagan explains. “With stress levels at an all time high, due to the instability and uncertainty which the pandemic has brought, many are incorporating their mental health into their fitness regimes.”

Little and often workouts – “mini workouts” saw a 9800% uplift in searches

Although typically workouts tend to be a block 45 minute/1 hour workout, which usually require building up to, mini workouts are growing in popularity for those who would prefer to do shorter workouts whenever they get a chance. “The growing popularity of mini workouts is due to their convenience and flexibility,” Flanagan explains. “Typically taking around 5-10 minutes, mini workouts can be spread out throughout the day and can involve anything from a quick yoga stretch to begin the day to a high intensity cardio session to help keep you motivated while working from home.”

Cycling – searches for “electric bikes” have seen a 1624.5% increase

Cycling has experienced a sharp increase in popularity especially in the last year, with Flanagan even noting E-Bikes experienced a 400% rise in sales in the second half of 2021. “Cycling is a great way to improve fitness, tone muscles and increase stamina,” Flanagan explains. “It varies in intensity, which means it can be an inclusive workout to participate in, as you don’t need a certain level of fitness before getting started.”

It isn’t just health benefits which cycling boast, as many turn to bike riding instead of driving, in an attempt to reduce carbon footprint. “By cycling instead of driving, you are not only doing your bit for the planet, but you are also staying healthy. Electric bikes are particularly useful if you intend on using your bike as a mode of transport, as you can make further distance on an electric bike with less effort than a manual one,” Flanagan advises. 

Hybrid gym memberships – “flexible gyms” saw a 111.2% uplift

We all had to adapt our workouts at the start of the pandemic, especially with so many of us previously relying on gyms to exercise. “Although many people still enjoy going to the gym, the ability to have a flexible gym membership, which offers both the chance to visit the gym as well as workout at home is preferred,” Flanagan explains. “In circumstances where you would usually go to the gym but can’t, for example if you need to self-isolate, then you still have the ability to participate in online workouts.”

Mood-boosting workouts – “feel good workout” saw a 9900% uplift

After a stressful couple of years, it is no wonder that many are looking to make their mental wellbeing a priority, with workouts which promise mood-boosting and feel good effects becoming increasingly popular. “While most workouts will provide some level of mood boosting, which is caused by the increased production of endorphins, there are some which are proven to significantly boost moods,” Flanagan explains. “Studies show just 30 minutes of certain activities, for example cycling and yoga, record positive electrical changes in the brain, which suggests the increased production of endorphins.”

Trampoline cardio – “trampoline workout” saw an 8900% uplift

Trampoline workouts started to see an increase in popularity even before the pandemic, however the high intensity yet incredibly fun workout is predicted to become even more popular in the new year. “Trampoline workouts are proven to boost cardiovascular health and relieve stress and tension,” Flanagan notes. “Trampolining also results in better balance and coordination, as well as body toning.”

The convenience of trampoline cardio is also one of the reasons for its growing popularity, as mini trampolines can be purchased quite cheaply and don’t require much work in setting up.

Group workouts – “group workout” saw a 230.23% uplift

As the pandemic has been an isolating experience for so many, with many living on their own or being cut off from so many of their loved ones, a popular trend is making up for lost time. Studies show than working out as part of a group boosts motivation which provides better fitness results. 

Tech workouts – “fitness technology” saw a 9900% uplift

In the past decade or so, technology has well and truly become a part of our everyday lives and incorporating this into our fitness regimes is a no-brainer. Whether it’s wearable technology, such as a health and fitness trackers, or electric bikes which allow users to travel further, technology can help boost workouts and offers users more knowledge about their own fitness levels. “According to the World Economic Forum, fitness app downloads increased by over 50% when the pandemic began, as consumers want to learn more about their own fitness levels,” Flanagan notes. “These apps include workouts but also offer health trackers and can even provide mindfulness and moments of meditation, something which has become much more popular during the pandemic.”

All data correct at time of writing. For more information, image and comment, contact: jess@tuesdaydigital.co.uk

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