The dos and don'ts of bed sharing

Susannah Hickling 

You’re more likely to stay happily married if you both get a good night’s sleep, but what’s the key to snoozing soundly?

These are the top positions to allow you to both stay healthy and keep your romance on track. Good night, darling!



  • Sleep on your side
    The knees and hips should be slightly bent. This makes spooning—the position where one person faces their partner’s back in a close embrace—an ideal sleeping position for lovers. Even better, if you suffer from recurring back problems, is lying in this position with a pillow between your legs to support you.
  • Sleep back to back… 
    on your side with some distance between you. This is the perfect position if you find that your partner moves a lot, gets a bit sweaty or if you just prefer to have your own space. According to a survey by bed company Dreams, this is the most popular sleeping arrangement for couples.
  • Sleep in separate beds…
    if it means you get a better night’s sleep and both partners are happy to sleep apart.
  • Keep things fresh
    Go to a hotel for a change—and make sure you make time for intimacy.



  • Sleep on your back
     It’s bad for your spine, which should be curved, not straight. Plus it can cause snoring, when the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat.
  • Sleep on your stomach
    Sleeping face-down is another no-no for your spine and your neck


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