Safe and Effective Natural Sleep Aids for Seniors


3rd Aug 2020 Wellbeing

Safe and Effective Natural Sleep Aids for Seniors

As you age, you may find that you have more difficulties falling and staying asleep. Seniors are particularly susceptible to sleep issues due to the aging of the body. However, it is imperative that this population get adequate sleep for a variety of reasons. Sleep helps the body and the brain to function at optimal levels. Proper rest also can boost memory, cognitive abilities, and creativity. In addition, the right amount of sleep has also been linked to a lower risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and stroke.

Here are four safe and effective sleep aids for seniors to try.

Mediation: Meditation is a tried and true method designed to calm the mind and put your body in the best state of mind to rest. Engaging in a regular meditation routine will help to improve the natural relaxation response while also helping the body to control the autonomic nervous system so that you are not as easily awakened. Meditation may also be helpful in reducing the heart rate, decreasing blood pressure, and boosting levels of serotonin and melatonin. Try meditating just prior to bedtime, starting out with just a few minutes and working your way up to 15 minutes.

Herbal Tea: There is nothing quite as comforting as a warm mug of tea to relax your mind and to help your body to receive quality sleep. This natural sleep aid has been around for centuries, proving to be a testament to its success. While there are a variety of choices, chamomile is a particularly popular option due to its ability to reduce inflammation and anxiety while helping to mitigate insomnia. Other options include lavender, valerian root, and lemon balm. The simple act of enjoying your herbal tea will bring about calm and tranquility.

Magnesium Supplements: In recent years, the many benefits of magnesium as a natural sleep aid have come to light. This mineral is instrumental in quieting the mind and relaxing the body. This state of relaxation will then make it easier to fall asleep. The ability of magnesium to relax the body is somewhat due to how the mineral can regulate the production of melatonin, helping to encourage the body's natural sleep-wake cycle.

CBD Oil: A CBD sleep aid is the perfect nighttime companion, offering up a blend of herbal extracts, melatonin, and CBD to deliver what you need to fall and stay asleep. Simply use the oil approximately 30 minutes before you want to get into bed and adjust the serving as needed. This versatile sleep aid is an alternative and non-intoxicating method to help you to get the rest that you need to handle the rigors of everyday life. Consider trying it out for 30 days to see if it has helped maintain your regular sleep pattern.

These four tips can help you to optimize both the quantity and the quality of your sleep, supporting your ability to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.

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