Rediscover the pleasure of bathing

Experiencing disability or diminishing mobility can be demanding, distressing and sometimes painful. The feeling that things you used to take for granted, and do with ease, are every day becoming more of a challenge is one of the most difficult things to face.

But coming to terms with mobility issues in your day-to-day life around the home need not necessarily be as grim as it first seems. There are several surprising – and surprisingly fun – additional options available when choosing bathroom equipment designed for people with restricted movement.

Bathing Solutions’ Spatherapy option, for example, uses bubbles of clean air to provide a massaging effect that relaxes muscles, stimulates the skin and encourage physical wellbeing. It is perfect for those suffering from conditions such as sciatica, diabetes, arthritis and migraines. Click here to request a free brochure.

Chromotherapy baths are another option available from Bathing Solutions. These use changing light patterns to deliver a spa experience in your own home, promoting emotional wellbeing. Click here to request a free brochure.

And at the more adventurous end of the spectrum is the Echo option. This is a sound therapy add-on to your bath that uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your music streaming device. It then uses the bath shell to project the music wirelessly, creating the perfect environment in which to relax your muscles and mind. Click here to request a free brochure.

Making bathing easier doesn’t mean making it more boring. Reader’s Digest work with Bathing Solutions, who were one of the first companies to specialise in the supply and installation of bathrooms specifically designed for the mature customer and who pride themselves on being able to make a real difference to the lives and well-being of our customers.

All of the walk-in showers and baths we recommend have special features designed with safety, security and simplicity at the forefront to bring you complete peace of mind and relaxation in the bathroom, providing the most stylish, contemporary and luxurious solution to bathing difficulty.

Our articles on mobility issues such as versatile solutions, the grants and financial support available when facing mobility issues, caring for your parents or loved ones and adapting your home may also be of interest to you.

Reader's Digest customers can claim a £250 voucher towards the cost of any order they place with Bathing Solutions using code PARA022. Phone 0808 273 3655 or click here to fill in our enquiry form.

To find out more information and discover which bathing solution is right for you, fill in the form below to request a call back from one of our bathroom advisors and receive our free brochure. You can also call us on 0808 273 3655 to ask a question or request a FREE no-obligation appointment.




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