Period underwear: A few reasons to try it out!


1st Feb 2022 Wellbeing

Once a month (give or take), the nightmare starts all over again.

5 reasons to switch to period underwear

Once a month (give or take), the nightmare starts all over again. Between the pain, the exhaustion, the foul mood, the bloating, the cravings, our skin that just gives up the fight against pimples and blemishes, and a constant dread of finding a stain on our clothing, there certainly isn’t much to look forward to when it comes to period. And yet, it’s not as if we were given the choice: Whether we welcome our menses or not, we can always count on them to show up. So what else is there to do than just make the best of it and try to have as bearable a time as possible? There are quite a few solutions to help make our periods more pleasant. Herbal tea, rest (lots of it), chocolate, and period underwear! Let’s look at how period underwear can help us have more peaceful periods.

Period underwear maintains our daily routine

Never knowing when a tampon is full, wearing pads that never seem to want to stay in place and feel like a nappy, having to empty a menstrual cup in a public restroom (with everything that entails)… All that can make periods extremely complicated. So, one of the main reasons we love period underwear so much is that it does away with all this misery. If you pick the right kind of period panties for your flow, all you have to do is put on a pair in the morning, live your life just as normal for the entire day, and swap it out for a fresh pair at night. And though earlier versions of period undies were not particularly exciting, they’ve come a long way and some, such as Elia Lingerie, are even beautiful and sexy. This first point is such an incredible one in our view that we could practically stop our article here and still have you convinced!

A solution that’s right for everyone

If it’s that easy to forget you are wearing period underwear, it’s also because – in addition to being super convenient – it offers unmatched comfort. Discreet and effective, period underwear keeps us dry throughout the day (and all night) without having to worry about leaks. Period panties now come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, which means you’re bound to find a pair that’s right for you, your body, and your flow.

Nice savings

Yes, it’s true: At first, period underwear may seem prohibitively expensive. But what you should take into account is the product’s lifespan. As a reusable alternative to conventional feminine hygiene products, your period panties will get you through many, many cycles before you need to replace them. Instead of continually purchasing tampons and pads, you can wear them again and again for 5 to 7 years! All you have to do is wash them after each use (click here to learn how to wash your period underwear)!

Your bit for the environment

Not only does period underwear prevent thousands of disposable period products from ending up in the ocean, but many brands choose to adopt and environmentally sound approach in every aspect of their production. GOTS cotton, OEKO-TEX-certified materials, local production, involvement with charities and other associations… Nothing is left to chance, and we no longer need to sacrifice the planet in the name of our periods!

Our health is safeguarded

The period underwear revolution opened up a dialogue around topics that seldom received any attention until then. The risk associated with conventional period products is one of them. Toxic Shock Syndrome – commonly attributed to the use of tampons – has been well known for a long time, but widely overlooked. As for the chemicals present in disposable period products you can find in every supermarket, very few menstruating people were even aware. Period underwear, on the other hand, is made from materials developed with our health in mind.

Beautiful, comfortable, effective, great for our health and that of the environment, machine-washable… period panties boast many benefits. If you’re in the market for a way to have compromise-free periods, look no further, and, once you’ve tried them, you certainly won’t look back!

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