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16th Sep 2021 Wellbeing

Vithurs cemented his reputation as an expert digital marketer and has since forged a unique path in the UK's rapidly growing CBD industry. 


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Blessed CBD

The UK-based founder would skip school more often than not, spending time in the library researching the latest internet business trends. At the age of 13, he arguably learned more than he ever could have managed in school. 

The results have only compounded over the years. The entrepreneur soon began to focus on search optimisation, or SEO – and he sought to help other companies take their online business skills to the next level.

So Vithurs launched an SEO service, offering up his skills on forums before launching his own digital marketing agency - Rankfluence, which attracted an impressive clientele including quite a few Fortune 1000 brands.

There’s no question about it: Vithurs' business knowledge catapulted him into a group of exclusive cannabis entrepreneurs. The techie has a unique skill set and a keen ability to build a product which others desire. 

Enter Blessed CBD, a brand that in just a short time has developed a devoted following in the UK's CBD market.


Gateway to the CBD industry

It wasn’t until 2017 that Vithurs discovered just how much work there was to be done in cannabis. The sector was experiencing significant growth – it still is – yet the entrepreneur found CBD companies in the USA offered a much more competitive product than those in the UK.

Determined to mitigate this, Vithurs set out to launch a brand with a top-quality product. By studying the best manufacturing processes, along with the top-rated suppliers in the industry, he was able to put together a plan to launch the very best in CBD gummies, oils and creams.

Vithurs found he could ‘deal weed’ unlike any other UK cannabis company. And so he took a year-and-a-half to develop Blessed CBD, his very own brand, based on the idea of offering a superior product. In the short time it’s been in business, news outlets from Discover Magazine, VentureBeat to Express, and from Observer to Daily Record, have called the company the best CBD brand in the UK.



The company is poised to earn annual revenues of more than £5mln in 2020. Though Vithurs is very grateful to consumers for their support, he knows he wouldn’t have attracted such a loyal following if it weren’t for his specialised approach to doing business.

An Emphasis on Giving Back

In everything Vithurs does, there’s an overwhelming emphasis on giving back – on making others’ lives better and helping them succeed. 

The entrepreneur has never focused on making as much money as possible. Instead, he has made a point of doing what he can to give the public something they can benefit from – but might not already be aware of. CBD products have shown to offer numerous health benefits, and above all else, Vithurs wanted to leverage those potential benefits in order to help others.

Through his work in the online digital marketing world, Vithurs will continue to do just that. Today he occupies his time running Rankfluence, Blessed CBD and other digital brands.

According to Vithurs, he’s always recognised the great potential that lies in e-commerce. Blessed CBD is proof of just how successful the model can be. The brand is slated to become a powerhouse in the UK cannabis industry – complete with science-backed products made from the highest-quality materials and ingredients. Stay tuned for updates, because there’s no telling what Vithurs will bring to the table next.

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