How to take better care of ourselves this winter


3rd Dec 2020 Wellbeing

How to take better care of ourselves this winter

Winter arrives every year, and brings with it challenges such as difficult weather, and potentially low moods. But as they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just insufficient clothing. that means that we can overcome most of the challenges the winter brings with it. Taking care of ourselves during the winter months is essential and can help us fight off any potential illnesses, Whether physical or mental.

We all know what we should do to take care of ourselves, but a reminder and some tips on how you can implement these ideas really can help sometimes. Here are a few ways in which you are able to look after yourself this winter, and hopefully by spring feel as energised and happy as you did during the summer months.


It goes without saying that we should always take care of our personal hygiene, but taking it a step further and feeling great about our appearance can make a big difference to our overall confidence and happiness levels. Taking care of our oral hygiene, for example, can mean that we are going to avoid the dentist, and when it comes to talking to friends and family or having photographs taken, then we can feel happy that our smile is dazzling.

These whitestrips from Crest can add an element of extra care, and ensure that your pearly whites are looking their best at all times. You can test them out and see how many shades brighter you can get from your smile. Of course, making sure that your toothpaste and toothbrushes are of great quality is essential as well, and means that your dentist will be happy with you at your next check-up. You will also feel less self-conscious when smiling at others, and this can bring a great sense of pride.


There’s nothing quite like the endorphins that you get after exercise. It is obvious that exercise can boost your overall fitness levels, but it is also known to brighten your mood significantly too. Many doctors will advise that you take up regular exercise and spend at least 30 minutes every few days taking part in an exercise that you enjoy. Maybe there is something that you have done before and have drifted away from, or maybe it’s just that you aren’t making time for exercise? Either way, it is always an essential part of staying fit and healthy, and even if you need to just go for a run or a walk in your local area, to be able to fit in timewise, it is always a good idea.

It is fascinating how quickly you can see results, and feel better about everything when you are exercising regularly. There are yoga videos that you can follow on YouTube, programs that you can download or signup to online, or even just a pair of trainers and a park for you to explore with the dog? But whatever you choose to do it’s always advisable that you are consistent and committed, so that you don’t miss out on any of those wonderful benefits that come with regular exercise.


There is something to be said for getting enough light into your system. Many studies show that vitamin d is an important component that we need to incorporate into our lives. During the summer months, we tend to get enough sunlight that we produce enough vitamin d, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for everybody, and such important vitamins should not be overlooked. Speaking to your healthcare professional is always the first step to any medical anxieties, but if everything else is working well, and you just don’t get in quite enough sunshine then you can pick up supplements and ensure that you are getting what you need.

This is also the case for SAD sufferers, unfortunately during the winter months many of us can feel rundown and unhappy, And this can be due to a lack of sunlight. This is where SAD lamps come in and help you emulate an environment that will encourage your brain to produce enough happy hormones to stay healthy through the winter. 

Good food

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring, there are a plethora of cookbooks at our fingertips that can help you choose the right nutrients and ensure that you are getting plenty of healthy food into your system. Even if you just increase the volume of vegetables and fruit that you are consuming, and try not to take on too much sugar on most days, you should be able to see the positive effects of this quite quickly. Changing your diet isn’t always easy, but once you commit to it you will find that it isn’t as difficult as you first thought. Just making some better choices, and not falling into the biscuit tin too often can quite easily help you get through the winter and feel healthier for it.

What’s better than a stew full of vegetables? That you can enjoy on a cold winter evening? It’s wonderful to be able to sit down in front of a fire and eat healthy, tasty and nutritious food. Our bodies will thank us for it, and we may even feel as though we look healthier by the end of the winter too! 

Even though it’s very easy to fall into bad habits, and forget what we need to do to take care of ourselves, reminding ourselves that we are worth the effort and that it isn’t nice to be unwell or feel unfit and unhealthy is important. But the best thing of all is to realise that we are in full control and that we can quite easily tweak our health and fitness regime, and everything that we consume, to be able to take steps in the right direction. It doesn’t have to be drastic, and it doesn’t have to be overnight, but small changes here and there can make a huge difference.

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