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7 Home remedies for common ailments

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7 Home remedies for common ailments
Sometimes small ailments can cause big problems in our day. However, here are seven home remedies for dealing with common ailments
While the hiccups or a hangover or sunburn may seem like small problems, they can ruin your day. Don’t fret, though, because these problems can be easily treated at home. Here are seven home remedies for common ailments.

1. Banish headaches with hot temperatures

A quick way of dealing with headaches is soaking your feet in hot water will cause blood to head to lower parts of your body. This will release pressure on some of the blood vessels in your head. Alternatively, placing your hands into ice water can give you the same effect.

2. Drown your hangover in water

There is little evidence that hair of the dog works, so the best hangover remedy is water. Drinking water replaces the water and minerals that alcohol has stolen. It’s best to drink water in the morning—or even before you go to bed—in order to have the best effect.
"Drinking water replaces the water and minerals that alcohol has stolen"
Drinking juices, such as orange juice, can also help as juice contains vitamin C and fructose which helps speed the metabolism of alcohol.

3. Drink tea to help with diarrhoea

Drinking when you have diarrhoea is very important. Adding a teaspoonful of sugar to your tea can help reduce intestinal inflammation, which will ease diarrhoea. The hot water will help hydrate your body, given it has lost fluid, and the sugar aids the absorption of sodium.

4. Bag Haemorrhoids with tea bags

Haemorrhoids need to be soothed, so using a cool, wet tea bag can help. As with the treatment for diarrhoea, the tannins in the tea reduce swelling and, therefore, pain.
"Using a cool, wet tea bag can soothe haemorrhoids"
The tannins also help blood clot, so applying the tea bag will help stop the bleeding. The easiest way to apply the tea bag is when you are sat on the toilet.

5. Coffee can help with constipation

If you need to go to the toilet, but cannot go, coffee can help with the process. It is thought that the caffeine in the coffee will kick your colon into high gear.
"If you cannot go to the toilet, coffee can help the process"
It is important to remember that caffeine is diuretic, so drinking too much can dehydrate you.

6. Keep sunburn relief in your kitchen

Make sure you keep potatoes and cucumbers on hand during the summer months, if you are prone to sunburn. Rubbing either on your sore skin will help reduce swelling and cool burns.

7. Take zinc if you have a cold

Although there is no cure for the common cold, taking zinc may help you get rid of it early. A medical study found that people with colds who sucked 13 milligram zinc lozenges, every two hours, had their cold symptoms relieved several days earlier than those who did not take the lozenges.
However, avoid lozenges that contain sorbitol or mannitol and do not take the lozenges for more than a week.
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