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How to avoid gaining weight over Christmas

How to avoid gaining weight over Christmas

Tis the season for waistlines increasin’ but, don’t fret, it’s possible to stick to your diet and avoid cramming in more calories over the festive season.

1. Avoid food pushers

There’s usually one of these at every seasonal gathering, getting offended if you don’t have another helping of turkey and stuffing or a home-made mince pie. Tell them you’re under doctors’ orders.


2. Go for your favourites 

Christmas treats are usually laden with butter, sugar and starch, which don’t fit into your long-term weight-loss plan. Target your top faves in advance, or skip chocolate for wine, or starters for gravy.


3. Eat mindfully 

Do you wolf down your Brussels sprouts with one eye on the Christmas trifle? The slower you eat, the longer you’re in contact with your food. This makes your brain more likely to realise that you don’t need anything else.

4. Invest two hours a day in being healthy 

When you’re shopping for festive fare, make sure you prioritise fresh food, especially fruit and vegetables. Spend time preparing and cooking it, and fit in exercise too—it’s all too easy to put that run or gym workout on the back burner at this time of year.


5. Drink water, not just wine 

Not only will you be consuming fewer calories, but you may be burning them too. German research has suggested that drinking 2.5 litres of water a day helps rev your metabolism. So consider being the designated driver at the party, or alternating a glass of wine and a glass of water. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of H2O throughout the day too.


6. Team up with weight-loss buddies 

Having a small accountability group of two to four like-minded mates can help you keep on track both during the festive period and beyond.

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