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How older people can stay fit and healthy


3rd Oct 2019 Wellbeing

How older people can stay fit and healthy
Ageing is a beautiful truth of life… The inevitable process which includes both negative and positive aspects. It is better to age gracefully and remain young at heart always and cherish the pleasures of life while living. 
Yes, your skin changes, the body starts to function a little differently, your appearance gradually changes but then you see age is just a number and you can defy age by staying healthy and fit.
Let us look at some amazing ways in which older folks can stay happy and healthy!
  • Take care of your bone health - During old age, our bones tend to wear out really fast and that is why we need to take extra care of our bones and joints. Osteoporosis is a silent killer mostly observed in older women. This condition makes the bones brittle and hampers the bone mass. You can consult an orthopedic to know the ways to prevent this problem. Regular light exercise, Vitamin D and dairy products; mostly yoghurt, cottage cheese, etc. are considered to be really good for overall bone health. 
  • Next comes the heart - Keep your heart healthy by having food with zero cholesterol. At old age generally the heart walls thicken a bit, the heart becomes slightly bigger in size and the heart rate lowers down so heart needs special care in old age. Routine checkups and regular exercise can help keep a lot of heart issues at bay and the heart will remain in good health. 
  • Socialise more - With old age a lot of problems related to the brain and nervous system arise. Aged people generally become slightly forgetful; although this isn’t dementia, it is always better to keep a check on the problems by eating healthy food, socialising with others more, have fun, always be in a happy and jovial mood. These problems can be avoided, but not totally because with old age, brain cells get damaged somewhat but research shows that old people who lead a happy life are less prone to problems such as dementia. 
  • Cut down on smoking and drinking - With old age creeps in a lot of digestive disorders and these problems can be handled if an old person leads an active and healthy life. The sense of taste becomes weak among older people which sometimes hamper the processes of digestion. The problems can be tackled if the person consults a physician at the right time. Cutting down on alcohol consumption and smoking can help a lot to avoid problems related to the digestive tract. 
  • Take care of oral health - Good dental hygiene can help older people to keep their teeth in good shape. The teeth and gums are important so, for older people visiting a dentist for routine checkups are mandatory because with old age the teeth also become weak and the enamel of the teeth tends to wear out pretty fast.
  • Eat healthy - A well-balanced diet, active lifestyle and proper medication can have amazing effects on the overall appearance of an old person. Better the lifestyle slower the rate of aging.
Old is gold and you have to stay evergreen forever, live your lives and be happy always. 
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