How massage heights transforms the mind, body and spirit


14th Dec 2021 Wellbeing

How massage heights transforms the mind, body and spirit

Feeling relaxed and peaceful is an integral part of life. It allows an individual to let go completely.

It is essential to take a break and go to a spa as it allows an individual's emotional wellness and physical health to thrive. Massage Heights is a spa that focuses on transforming the mind, body, and spirit with its services. Wayne Evans and his wife, Shane, started Massage Heights in 2004 with a single outlet in San Antonio, Texas. When a person feels tired and their life's issues are piling up, they should take a deep breath and focus on being physically and mentally fit. When starting Massage Heights, Wayne and his wife Shane had to look after their outlet completely by sharing along with family members the workload and responsibilities. Currently, there are 118 locations throughout the US and Canada of Massage Heights. Wayne has been part of the fitness industry most of his life. In 2010,he started competitive CrossFit training. With consistency and determination, Wayne peaked in 2015, where he ranked 12th in the worldwide CrossFit Open in the Master's Men (55-59) category.

Choosing solitude first

"The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself."
 Michel de Montaigne

Being mindful and choosing to be relaxed is vital to living a fulfilled life. Massage Heights aims to empower individuals to feel completely free and tranquil. In 2005, Massage Heights opened its second outlet in San Antonio, Texas, and by 2008 there were franchises in 15 states across the US. In 2009, Massage Heights received its first international license for Canada, and by 2010, it was named the 11th fastest-growing franchise according to Franchise Times magazine's "Fast 55." Massage Heights ranked number 451 by Entrepreneur magazine's "Annual Franchise 500." In 2012, Massage Heights was named to Franchise Times magazine's Next 300 list. In 2013, Massage Heights was one of Franchise Business Review's "Top 50 Franchises to Own," and Shane appeared on CBS's Undercover Boss. In 2013, the 100th retreat opened for Massage Heights. In 2016, Massage Heights was ranked #245 in Entrepreneur magazine's "Annual Franchise 500" list.

As Massage Heights grew, Wayne and Shane remained steadfast and worked along with family members diligently to create a sustainable company. Currently, Shane is the Vice chairwoman on the board of directors of Massage Heights. As people go about their lives, they feel overworked, affecting their work and personal commitments. Massage Heights offers wellness and skincare services that support individuals to find peace and solitude within themselves. When an individual goes to the spa, they can de-stress and relieve their aches and pains. When a person looks after themselves by getting massages, they reduce the chances of aging. There is a high chance that a person's sleep will improve after performing self-care by getting a massage. With Massage Heights and its experts, there is better blood flow and circulation throughout the body. When a person goes to the spa, there is even a chance of weight loss since the body is completely transformed.

Refining the experience

"Cultivate yourself. Don't chase after perfection; we lose all that makes us unique."

 Shane Evans

Massage Heights has been impeccable when it comes to giving a wholesome experience to all those who walk through the doors of the retreat. When people go to a spa, they want to have a memorable experience which is why it is essential to give them an environment that is subtle and soft. As there is a lot of competition, Massage Heights focuses on giving flawless individual attention to its customers. The goal of Massage Heights is to improve their customers' lifestyle by surrounding them with solitude and tranquility. Getting a massage helps in improving the skin and revitalizes it. The spa atmosphere of Massage Heights is slow-paced and friendly and allows an individual to feel peaceful. Whenever a person goes to a spa, they want to have an immaculate experience readily available at Massage Heights.

A spa visit will help in releasing tension and have a reduced chance of getting headaches. Sometimes a person pulls a muscle in their arms or shoulders, which can be taken care of through a massage. Sometimes there are knots in a person's body that a masseuse can assist with. When a person decides to go for a spa visit, they intend to feel peaceful. Massage Heights has all the services from wellness to skincare that offer an individual a well-rounded experience. When people decide to look after themselves, they tend to ignore all kinds of distractions and focus on themselves. Massage Heights has been pivotal in providing an outlet for individuals to feel welcome in their retreat. The goal is to leave the customer satisfied so that they return for more and Massage Heights has been doing its job diligently to maintain fulfillment.

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