Mobility challenges? Help is at hand

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Dealing with disability is already difficult enough without the added burden of financial expense. But when it comes to adapting homes to the needs of people with limited mobility, there are several funding routes available

When most people talk about disability and mobility issues, they tend to focus solely on the physical side of things. But the emotional aspects of disability – whether it directly affects you or a loved one – can be traumatic. Nobody wants to feel that their independence and dignity are under threat, and the risk of significant financial outlay involved in making your home more accessible only exacerbates an already difficult situation.

This can be particularly challenging for people involved in caring for their elderly parents, whose diminishing mobility is often accompanied by a passionate determination to maintain independence and stay in their own homes. But things are easier if you know that, whether you have mobility problems yourself, or live with someone who does, there are various grants and funding options out there.

Disabled Facilities Grants are available to people who either own their house or are tenants who plan to live there for at least five years. They cover things like installing ramps, widening doors, improving heating systems and fitting more accessible bathrooms. (The funding depends on your household income and savings, but does not affect any benefits you may be receiving.) It’s worthwhile looking at the application process too as applications can take up to several months to process so you may choose to avoid the wait and go ahead directly if you are financially able to.

What options are out there?

Another avenue to explore is Foundations, the national body for Home Improvement Agencies (HIA). Foundations was set up to help people adapt their homes to the challenges of disability and provides funding, advice and support.

And other options are available too – Turn2Us and Charity Choice, for example, are great resources for information and advice on grants and funding.

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