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Hamad Al Jaber – The maestro of multipotentiality


16th Mar 2021 Wellbeing

Hamad Al Jaber – The maestro of multipotentiality

Multipotentiality is a talent only a few possess. The people having a multipotential personality are skilled in multiple fields depending on their interests. Such personalities require something at all times to keep the drive and dedication to the work alive.

They can often feel exhausted or suffer from the feeling of over accomplishment after they have to achieve a certain milestone that they have set for themselves. So, it is absolutely necessary for them to balance their lives and not go overboard with their unique quality.


Despite having achieved so much in life, one personality who has not lost his essence is Dr. Hamad Al Jaber. He is a Qatari plastic and reconstructive surgeon, founder, and medical director of 'PHI Clinics for Plastic Surgery,' one of the leading clinics in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Qatar, and a loving father to five young boys.

Passion for serving humanity

Born on February 27, 1973, in Qatar, Hamad Al Jaber is the eldest of his siblings. As a son of Qatar's retired Ambassador, he was always taught to learn more than his capacity, and so he did. Besides his goal of pursuing his career in the medical field, he was also interested in many things.

Dr. Hamad always got the support he wanted and did what he had always dreamt of becoming a doctor. As a kid, Hamad looked up to his maternal Uncle, Dr. Mohammed Al Jaber, a Pediatric Doctor. He was one of the major influences of why he became a doctor, aside from his passion for helping other people.

Unlike other children, Hamad was interested in knowing more and studying the human body. So, he learned Taxidermy. Preserving animals fueled his curiosity to learn about anatomy, which broadened his knowledge about the human body later on.

He completed his early schooling at Tareq Bin Ziyad Preparatory School and Qatar Preparatory School and secondary education from Al Istiqlal Secondary School. He graduated from secondary school in 1990 with a GPA of 95.8%.  In 1991 he moved to Ireland to complete his Irish Certificate and Matriculation. He also got his degree in 1997 in Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics from the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI).

In 2004, he returned to Qatar and passed his examination in Arab Board Council for Surgical Specialties. In 2016, he finished his Executive Leadership Program at Qatar Leadership Center. AL Jaber completed 'The Program for Leadership Development (PLD)' in Harvard Business School and was granted Alumni status in 2018.

Transforming dreams into reality

Getting educated to achieve the set goals and objectives is one of the easiest and simplest things. It divides your plan into smaller milestones and makes it easier to achieve. Whereas stepping into the professional world and finding that perfect job is an entirely different story. This is a difficult struggle that many fail.

Luckily for Hamad, this was not the case. His determination helped him land an opportunity soon after his graduation. He bagged his first job after completing his degree in Medicine, Surgery, and Obstetrics. He worked at the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), where he completed his training and became a Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2003.

Being true to his multipotential personality, he specialized in Plastic Surgery. In 2007, he became a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and in 2012 was promoted to a Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon in HMC. After gaining experience by working at different firms, in 2014, Dr. Hamad decided to work in the private sector.

He laid the foundation for his venture 'PHI Clinics for Plastic Surgery in April 2019, which is currently one of Qatar's most sought-after clinics. With his business acumen, he invested in several ventures.  One of them is 'Proderma Middle East,' a leading specialty company in the Middle East that distributes aesthetic and plastic surgery products.  In addition to that, he has also invested in 'Summit Medical.' This venture is based in Qatar and is a medical and aesthetic products distributor.

Having the mind of a maestro, Dr. Hamad has utilized his years of experience wisely and invested in two clinics, namely, Laguna Medical Center and Cosmedic Center. And has also invested in PHIMed, which is a consultancy and nursing agency.

In the modern world, plastic surgery is considered nothing less than a form of art. And as a technically gifted individual, Dr. Hamad produces results that have an overwhelmingly positive impact on insecure individuals' physical appearance and psyche.

His achievements as a plastic surgeon include being a member of the Permanent Licensing Committee in the Supreme Council of Health Qatar from 2011 to 2018. He is a former member of the International Burns Society. In addition to that, Dr. Hamad is also a member of the council in Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Preparatory School for two years in a row, which is one of Qatar's top schools and has been given multiple local awards and international achievements.

His international affiliations include the memberships of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and Rhinoplasty Society of Europe.

Exhibiting multipotentiality at its best

Dr. Hamad's traits and hobbies ensure that he can become a well-rounded person. While in school, he kept himself actively engaged with several co-curricular activities. He was a member of the Scientific Club; he was a chess player, learned poetry, and even joined interschool competitions. He was also asked to represent his school to Math and Physics interschool quiz bees. He was also part of the Al Arabi Club and won 2nd place in a trivia competition. But this is not all; his interests and hobbies widened as he grew up.

A Sportsman

As he was always interested in sports, he wanted to be related to it in some way or the other. During high school, he played handball and was a goalkeeper; alongside, he was also doing taekwondo and earned a black belt for the sport.

Stepping into professional life, he had to maintain an equilibrium with his profession while keeping his love for sports alive. To accomplish his dream, he served as the sports doctor for the Qatar National Team in Taekwondo. He was the attending physician in some of the major international sports competitions from 2001 to 2003. He was also a former member of the Medical Committee of the Arabian Taekwondo Federation.

Being an adventurous soul and a passionate sports person, Hamad also participated in the 7th Annual Harley Owners Club Rally in Jordan. More than 300 cyclists had participated in this rally, including people who belong from different work and specialties.

Another sports activity that excites Dr. Hamad is scuba diving. Seeing the beauty of the sea helped him recharge and relieve pressures from daily life. He started diving in 2008 and is now a certified scuba diver and has completed 11 scuba diving certifications.

An Artist

Hamad also had a creative side to his personality. In his teenage years, he did calligraphy for his school and was awarded for his excellence in the arts. Today he creates marvelous art pieces during his leisure hours. Dr. Hamad has participated in local exhibitions to display his masterpieces and has also been a part of the Qatar Fine Arts Society from 1999 to 2001. He has recently started painting again and is looking forward to displaying his masterpieces soon.

An avid reader

During his spare time, he reads books. He read Beethoven and Leonardo Da Vinci's life story when he was in 5th grade.  He is well-read and has a vast collection of books from Arabic Books and other international bestsellers.

A social activist

"It is in Your Hands to Make the World a Better Place" – Nelson Mandala

Being true to the quote, Dr. Hamad cares a lot about the people around him. As a generous personality, he actively donates to several charitable institutions around the world. Being a middle-aged man, Dr. Hamad aspires to inspire the youth. He believes that the future is in the hands of the upcoming generations, so educating them and teaching them good values today will result in a better, brighter, and happier tomorrow.

Dr. Hamad Al Jaber is the epitome of multipotentiality who managed to preserve himself from being saturated and has continued working and achieving more with every passing day. His personality serves as an ideal for those who fear that their multipotentialite behavior will consume them. It is all about having the perfect equilibrium, which Dr. Hamad has successfully managed to achieve!

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