Exploring Kratom extract & its promising medicinal properties


3rd Mar 2021 Wellbeing

Exploring Kratom extract & its promising medicinal properties

Travellers to Thailand and Malaysia have reported being enthralled by large tropical evergreens that are valued by the locals for their purported medical properties. These so-called Kratom trees take a long time to grow and may even be illegal to use medicinally in their home countries.

These challenges have only helped to make the plant that much more in demand, however.

With even the most skeptical advocates of western medicine slowly starting to try natural supplements in place of synthetic drugs, the world at large has started to pay closer attention to this unusual plant.

Basic properties of Kratom

Since the Mitragyna speciosa tree that kratom extract comes from is in the coffee family, it makes sense that the leaves have a stimulant effect. People who use small doses often report having a sudden burst of energy, though the impact is not usually much stronger than drinking a strong cup of black coffee or orange pekoe. At higher doses, kratom starts to have a sedative effect that's also in some ways similar to the effect one might get from consuming a large amount of coffee or tea. In fact, the leaves are actually used as a tisane in some parts of the world.


A few studies have found that people who habitually use kratom may experience some emotional benefits, but it's the possible medical uses that are making people buy Maeng Da Kratom in droves. Proponents of traditional and alternative medicines have found that kratom extracts contain a large amount of alkaloids-like mitragynine and the equally obtusely named 7-hydroxymitragynine. Since these compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, they may be able to treat conditions like fibromyalgia. Preliminary research has also suggested that it may be helpful for those with muscle problems.


Strong anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that it might be useful in a number of other ways as well.

Medicinal properties of Kratom extract

So far, kratom extract hasn't been studied all that extensively so few people are recommending that it be regularly used as a medical supplement. That being said, preliminary work appears very promising. Since it has such a strong impact on the body, though, it may be best to proceed with caution for the time being. Interestingly enough, one maligned compound found in kratom leaves may actually have a strong positive impact on those who use it.

Regular users of herbal tea have often turned to the drink because they wish to cut back on their caffeine intake. Kratom, however, is actually fairly rich in caffeine, which means that it could potentially take the place of traditional caffeine supplements. While it might sound counterproductive to those unfamiliar with the medicinal use of caffeine, there are those who actually take supplements that contain it in order to possibly lower the risk of diabetes.

Caffeine supplementation, in small doses, has also been associated with migraine relief and weight loss. Nevertheless, some people are warning about potential side-effects that may cause difficulties for habitual kratom users.

Side-effects of long-term Kratom usage

In Thailand and Malaysia, the possession of kratom extract may actually be unlawful, which is perhaps a great shame considering the fact that it has the potential to do so much good. Public health authorities have been concerned about the possibility for abuse as well as the fact that kratom could potentially cause severe weight loss in people who use it as part of a so-called crash diet. Such diets often receive heavy promotion on social media, which has unfortunately helped to popularize them.

Others have raised possible safety and regulatory issues, especially in western countries where there are few laws regarding the sale of kratom extracts. Individuals who want to try it may be able to do so without taking too big of a risk.

Make sure to acquire maeng da kratom extract from a reputable source and don't take any more than the dosing instructions state. Those who are trying it for the first time may prefer to reduce this somewhat. Individuals with an interest in it might want to consult an herbalist or perhaps a member of the local martial arts community, since these individuals may have more experience with working with this kind of an herb.

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