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Everything you need to know about CBD oral strips


25th Jul 2021 Wellbeing

Everything you need to know about CBD oral strips

Introducing an innovative and revolutionary form to consume CBD that is accurate, simple, quick, and discreet – ultimately elevating the CBD experience for users.

What are CBD oral strips?

CBD oral strips infuse CBD onto a piece of microfilm usually no larger than a postage stamp. The consumer simply places the strip in the mouth to receive an accurate dose of the compound.

How do you use CBD oral strips?

Place the strip on or under tongue to let dissolve without swallowing. No water is required, and it usually only takes around 2-3 mins for the strips to dissolve.

Compared to other forms, the bioavailability for absorption is optimized as the CBD actives are delivered sublingually via mucosal tissues directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system which can often reduce efficacy.

What are the advantages of CBD oral strips?

CBD oral strips are smokeless, easy-to-use and offer fast & effective delivery. The small size and discreet packaging fits into any pocket or bag and is perfect for people who use CBD but would like to keep their usage low-key.

When you look at other products like tinctures and oils, it’s quite difficult to keep track of an accurate dose every time. CBD strips give users control over the exact amount of CBD consumed. CBD strips also have a long shelf life compared to other formats; you can keep them in a cool environment for as long as a year.

How to choose quality CBD oral strips?

There are some factors that should be considered when choosing a good CBD oral strip product. This includes the type & quality of CBD, the infusion & delivery technologies, the manufacturing process, and credible supporting lab results.

Packaging is also a critical element. Each CBD oral strips should be securely & individually packaged (as opposed to overlapping several strips), so the taste, freshness and potency do not diminish or be compromised during transport or its shelf life.

The Bottom Line

Although there is a myriad of creative CBD formats, CBD oral strips stand out as an innovative option that encompasses both convenience and functionality.

There are undeniably several quality brands that offer CBD strip solutions. Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips, for example, utilize proprietary technologies to infuse a high load of CBD actives from broad spectrum hemp onto each strip to optimize potency and release profile. The same patented technologies warrant 25 mg of THC-free CBD per strip, with high dissolvability to maximize sublingual and buccal (between cheek & gum) absorption.

Developed & manufactured in a cGMP certified, and DEA/FDA registered facility in the USA, the quality of Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strips is strictly controlled. Every batch is lab tested to uphold key benchmarks such as potency, safety, and quality before release.

Each Elevar Leafs CBD Oral Strip is packaged individually with a specialized foil material to protect them from UV & humidly to safeguard the potency. Every 5 of those strips are then bundled inside a custom designed paper-based sleeve with an anti-tampering feature.

Available in three flavors – Fresh Mint, Berry Mint and Lavender, these CBD oral strips can be purchased from

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