ENDS Is putting an end to tobacco in the UK


25th Jul 2021 Wellbeing

ENDS Is putting an end to tobacco in the UK

All of us are aware of the horrible results of smoking tobacco. Cigarettes are often considered a symbol of dominance thanks to the movies.

They have around 4000 harmful chemicals that have been proven to contribute towards serious diseases like cancer. An average person would spend around £3,000 on their tobacco addiction. However, things are changing with the prevalent use of ENDS in the UK.

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems are an amazing alternative to deadly Tobacco products. But will the rise in the use of ENDS continue in years to come? Are ENDS going to stop the use of Tobacco in the UK? Keep reading this article to find the answers.

Some misconceptions

Most people think that vaping products are similar to cigarettes because they look the same as them. But contrary to popular belief, Vapes are a new breed and have no harmful components as cigarettes. Vapes contain e liquids that have proven to be 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Vapes have a great appeal to smokers as they look and feel the same as the “Bad” cigarettes, an effect that can help chronic smokers overcome their addiction.

The price factor

Both Governmental and Non-governmental organizations have played a huge role in raising awareness about the side effects of smoking tobacco. Taxes have been raised on the prices of Tobacco. Using the stats already mentioned, you can imagine how expensive smoking tobacco is, considering a single person will spend around £3,000 on smoking.

Vaping, on the other hand, is way cheaper and costs next to nothing. A person can easily enjoy weeks of delightful vaping for around £20 for an e-liquid. This low price of Vaping, plus its comparatively harmless nature, has made it a sensation.

People are adopting it

The use of vaping is on the rise, even though there are many misconceptions about it on the market. More and more people are switching to vaping for its positive benefits. One of the reasons is the price factor as mentioned above, but there are many other reasons too. Tobacco smokers are aware of the disadvantages of smoking and want to quit their habit of smoking.

The use of vapes has proven a viable solution. Even doctors and therapists recommend chain smokers choose to vape over smoking because of the absence of harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. People are also choosing ENDS devices as they are easy to charge, carry around and fit nicely in the lifestyle of this age.

The game’s over for tobacco

There are several reasons why people want to quit smoking tobacco. For starters, smoking is not allowed in many places because of its health and security threats. Many accidents occur because of cigarette butts and smokers are now aware of what horrible things can happen because of their negligence.

People do not like to smell the foul scent of cigarettes. Many types of cancer can develop in smokers, and as of now, there is no solid treatment for cancers in any parts of the world.

But vaping poses none of these problems mentioned above. Vaping only provides nicotine and doesn’t contain the harmful compounds that are present in cigarette smoke. Vapes can fit in tons of great e liquids that have a pleasing, refreshing smell. Vaping can be addictive, but it doesn’t produce diseases like cancer, though more research is constantly being done on the topic. It seems from all these points that tobacco use will only diminish over the next few years.


Vaping is a competitor of cigarettes, and many chronic smokers are choosing ENDS over cigarettes. It seems that this trend will continue, and more people will switch to vaping from smoking in the coming years.

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