Centrapeak on how to lose the Lockdown weight safely and sustainably

The past few months have taken their toll on minds and bodies across the world.

The Covid pandemic has forced us all to spend more time alone, indoors, and in many cases, to become far more sedentary than we usually would be! When you throw uncertainty and, in some cases, despair into the mix, it’s not surprising many of us are wanting to know how to lose the lockdown weight safely and sustainably.

Increased stress and pandemic anxiety can lead to an imbalance in hormones and an increase in appetite. Boredom can also lead to an increased desire to eat because it is something to do and provides a chemical response, which is often enjoyed, especially with foods/drinks higher in sugar and fat.

Decreased movement and increased intake can only lead to one thing, lockdown love handles and gaining unwanted pandemic pounds!

It is vital not to ruminate on the past, acknowledge things have gone off track, accept that it was reactionary to the uncontrollable situation you were faced with and that now you are ready to increase your vitality, physical condition and mental strength.

It’s time to lose the Lockdown weight safely and sustainably; here’s how.

Relight your fire

Exercise alone isn’t the smart way to lose weight after lockdown, but it is a smart thing to include to aid your weight loss efforts and get your body in better shape. As well as nutritional improvements and lifestyle tweaks, exercise will also help balance out any internal changes that might have occurred during the lockdown, which increase your chances of developing a disease. All your circulatory systems will thank you for it.

The daily movement will not only help you lose the lockdown love handles, but it will also help relieve stress, boost mood, improve sleep and make you stronger and healthier.

If you had an exercise routine before, it’s time to get back to that. If you didn’t have a workout plan, then it’s time to start, and if you are bored of what you were doing or not getting results, it’s time to switch it up.

To lose the lockdown weight, you need to move more than you did before. We’re not just talking about workouts like a spin class or a YouTube fitness HIIT session. All movement counts towards your exercise.

As well as scheduled weekly workouts, it’s essential to increase your everyday activity. Whether that’s cycling to work, walking the kids to school, jogging with the dog, dancing while cooking dinner, taking a walk at lunchtime. It all adds up and fits right into your daily life.

Nutrition and exercise are inextricably linked when it comes to losing fat, getting fit and feeling healthier.

Rebalance your belly

Considering there’s a LOT of discussions and opinions around the best ways to lose weight and body fat, we’ll keep it simple. Take the focus of weight loss and move it to wellness. Increasing the healthier foods and decreasing the less-healthy options will be a natural shift in body composition. When exercise and lifestyle changes are included, weight loss can naturally occur. This is a safe and sustainable way to lose weight.

Rather than counting calories, keeping a food diary for a week can help to highlight the areas where you need to make improvements to your dietary intake and can be all you need to make positive adjustments.


  • Overly processed foods
  • Alcohol
  • Takeaways (high in fat and sugar)
  • Processed drinks
  • Processed meats
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Low-quality foods


  • Water intake (including fruit and herbal teas such as green tea)
  • Foods rich in fibre such as vegetables, whole grains and fruit
  • Healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, grass-fed butter
  • Water dense foods such as cucumber, watermelon and salad
  • Quality proteins such as lean (organic/grass-fed meats), pulses and legumes, eggs, tofu, dairy (in moderation), fish, seafood and vegan produce that isn’t overly processed!
  • Cooking at home using fresh, natural ingredients (ideally organic)

These types of foods and drinks can also help to improve your gut health. Your microbiome is linked to your immunity. By eating a heavier plant-based diet, you could help to increase your bodies defence against illness and disease by increasing your healthy gut bacteria. Giving your body the best chance at fighting things off has never been more important than now when Covid restrictions are being eased, and infections are on the rise. The Covid-19 vaccine can do so much to protect you, but you can do so much more to help your remarkable body remain safe and healthy.

Your lifestyle directly impacts your physical and mental well-being, which can directly affect your weight gain or loss.

Overhaul the lifestyle

Stress is not only a killer; stress can cause you to gain weight! Working from home, going to work during a pandemic, home-schooling and worrying about relatives, your job, your safety can all cause stress. Whatever has been increasing your stress or anxiety or bouts of feeling down, it’s time to decrease stress and increase wellness.

Safe and sustainable weight loss requires a healthy lifestyle, which doesn’t just involve exercise and nutrition.

Ways to de-stress to lose the lockdown weight

  • Change your environment by either bringing plants into your home, going outside to get some fresh air or take a walk.
  • Practice meditation or mindfulness techniques using an APP or by joining an online or in-person class
  • Let your body move in whichever way feels good, dance, workout, jog, play a sport or do a stretch session.
  • Sing - on your own to whatever lets it all out or join a singing group
  • Connect with people who make you smile, listen to you and allow you to be yourself
  • Read or watch something that will lift you and provide an escape
  • Try a mindfulness hobby such as art, chess, cooking, crafting, learning an instrument…

Main take away

Small and consistent changes in activity levels, nutrition amount and quality with lifestyle changes all go towards losing the lockdown weight and increasing vitality and health.

If lockdown has left you with unwanted body fat and you now need a vitality boost in body and mind give Centrapeak male vitality supplements or Kurapeak female vitality supplements a try.

Both contain natural ingredients formulated into research-backed supplements to help the body and mind work at their optimum levels. Suitable for vegans, Kosher and non-GMO.

Giving your body the best chance at a healthy, long and happy life.

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